Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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Zoe: «Fortitudo deserves the B series, forbidden to give up»

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Zoe Caneo is a sentence from outside the area. With his goal at the intersection he made the draw against La Saponeria Unigross, in what was one of the most exciting and tense matches of the Gialloblù season (4-3).
For her, the goal from outside the area is a trademark.
"Trademark is a bit 'too much (laughs, ed). Let's say that this season I have trained a lot on this play and fortunately occasionally succeeds. In the past I did not have much courage on long range shooting, even if I tried to spur myself to try the solution from outside. This year, thanks to the coach, I trained a lot and this is the result ».

The last network he has made, the one against La Saponeria, is his most beautiful of this season?

"Yes, it is, but above all because of the importance it had at that precise moment. We were under 0 -1 and a draw like that was great. "

Strange that with a shooting ability so does not kick the punishments. Is there a lot of difference between soccer and soccer?

"I do not see this big difference; I've simply never been used to kicking punishments and that's okay. I am very happy when I see my companions beating and making them ".

Nobody would have bet on the three points when you were under 1-3: what did you say in the locker room during the interval?

"In the locker room we all looked at each other and we forced each other. We were aware of our strength and we knew we could not close the game that way. "

You dominated the game but the ball did not enter: bad luck or something did not work?

"In the first half we did not play as a team and there was a lot of nervousness on the pitch. In the second half we started playing like a real Fortitudo and the difference was seen. It would have been a shame to throw away the work done up to now like that. "

Nervous game and many interruptions of play: this has contributed to influence your style of play?

"It was not them who influenced us, we were the ones who threw away forty-five minutes; we should have stayed focused throughout the race, without risking so much. The important thing is that in the end we have shown our strength; we are a squadron ».

In the next games will you try to close the result first? Will it be more cynical?

"Absolutely yes. Fortitudo deserves the B series, we deserve to reach our goal. It is forbidden to give up ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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