Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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Pecchini: «We give meaning to the sacrifices made to date»

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Let's take stock of the season with Alessia Pecchini. The fullback, one of the pillars gialloblù, enhances the team but at the same time does not want to lower the level of concentration. Many victories, many goals, but still difficult games to face.
Alessia, Sunday important win with the Castelnuovo (8-0): you have earned a point on the Vittorio Veneto (0-0 with the Pro San Bonifacio); do you feel calmer knowing that you have lengthened the gap from fourth place?

"We are happy to have extended on a direct opponent, but we will only have peace of mind when the math will speak and will say that we are officially in the top three. Until that time we will have to continue to give our best and win to make as many points as possible ».

We are in the final part of the season: it will be necessary to maintain "the nerves" and continue the journey until the end. How is the mood of the team?

"I think we're in a great moment, both in fitness and mood. We are all well, we are all available to the coach and there is a great desire to continue on this path to give meaning to the many sacrifices made to date ".

What will be, from here on, the most "delicate" match in your opinion?

"On paper against San Marino, but we must always keep the maximum concentration, because every game can become dangerous if you do not deal with a just and winning mentality; every game can allow us to earn points on the opponents, so we must be good at exploiting every misstep of those that precede us and the pursuers trying to win all the races ».

So far the path of Fortitudo has been particular: effort at the beginning and then many victories. Is there a match, or even more than one, that changed the course of the season and gave you awareness of your possibilities?

«The victory for 1-6 with San Marino, in the first leg, was emblematic. It was a delicate match because we came from a difficult moment and still losing points would have meant compromising the situation, instead we gave a great test of play, character and cohesion. It was a victory that charged us and gave us confidence to continue the journey ».

In this season there have been many news: new coach, new assistant coach, new players. Evidently these changes have been good for the whole team.

"It's been several years since at the Fortitudo, every season, you change staff. This year I must say that compared to past seasons, where maybe it was more difficult, despite it took time to settle, we found the right mechanisms. We have established good relations between us and this is then reflected in the field; so it is not by chance that the results will arrive ".

The numbers speak for themselves. You are the second best attack (63 goals scored) and the second best defense (18 goals conceded) of Group C; there are only four teams in the Serie B championship with a better goal difference than Gialloblù, or Florentia, Inter Milan, Pro San Bonifacio and Rome: did you expect such data?

"These are important numbers, numbers that charge us even more. From the beginning I thought we had a competitive squad and that we deserved to be at the top of the championship. Obviously all this had to be demonstrated on the field because there is nothing obvious and, so far, we have shown. These are important numbers that make it clear that the team works, and we must continue like this. "

If you were to send a message to your companions before the last and decisive matches, what would you say?

"Our mad heart must keep fighting and fighting until the end, then it will burst with joy."

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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