Thursday, May 21 2015
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Sofia Pellegrino: "Football is fun and joy"

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The Grifo forward: "I'm sorry for the many injuries suffered, the ranking is sometimes a liar. I am inspired by Kaka and Ronaldinho ".
It is perhaps not a particularly lucky season for Sofia Pellegrino, Grifo Perugia striker, as indeed it is not for the whole red and white team. The positive attitude and the strong will of Sofia are however also out of a quick interview like the following one, in which the attacker immediately stated that the group led by Valentina Belia still has some excellent technical values, beyond that which can be the classification:

"We had 0 goals in the last two races, confirming the fact that we still have a good defense, the fourth best in the championship. Let's say that this year luck is often not turned on our side and that the ranking does not always do justice to what is shown in the field. "

A budget of your personal season? Did you expect to be able to do more?

"Unfortunately, from a personal point of view, it did not go very well. I felt I was giving a lot more to the team but I missed a lot of matches due to various injuries. This has caused my very fluctuating trend. Last summer I had not set goals, I do not usually do it. I always try to give my best to support the team. I'm sorry we only partially succeeded this year. "

How did you get passionate and then approached the world of football?

"The passion for football is undoubtedly born because of my brother. We have 11 months of difference and as children we were always together with his male friends. Basically I had to play 'to force' football if I wanted to be with them. For a long time I have been passionate about the ball until the age of 10 years I decided to go and play with the youth sector of Deruta. I accepted. I made 3 years with the males before arriving at the Grifo. "

How did you get to the red and white society? What environment did you find?

"I arrived with Grifo thanks mainly to Mr. Sciurpa, a very important coach for me. I have great esteem and respect towards him. I really found a nice environment here. After 3 years of Spring I arrived in the first team. "

You are a university student. Do you find it difficult to combine the study with a sport that precedes training sessions, matches every weekend and often long trips?

"Let's say in the meantime that for me the study is very important, it is in first place. I try to reconcile it with football also making sacrifices, often taking books away or studying before and after training. I am in the first year of the Faculty of Modern Literature, although I still do not know which path to take in the future. "

We close with a less demanding question. Idols in football? A player who may inspire you?

"I've been a Milan player since I was born and, being biased, my two favorite players are Brazilians Kakà and Ronaldinho. Both for the games they were able to do, and for the character they had. Always joyful, smiling and respectful in the field. For me they represent my vision of football: fun and joy. "

GRIFE OF SCENE AT HOME - Sunday 25 March the Grifoncelle will be engaged in the friendly walls of the "Comunale" of San Sisto against the Romagnano. The Piedmontese are terzultime in the ranking with 18 points. Valentina's girls will be looking for the third consecutive row after the overwhelming victories against Musiello Saluzzo and Luserna. The imperative is to go up the rankings and look for the best possible placement. Appointment at 15. Arbitra Marco Marchioni of Rieti, assisted by assistants Alessandro Liti of Perugia and Federico Baroni of Foligno

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