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Chiara Mele: «I want to show that I deserve the blue shirt»

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For Chiara Mele the blue dream continues. The young Gialloblù player wants to fight and prove to be worth the blue shirt. Never be satisfied, always have new goals and give the best: here are Chiara's watchwords.
What did you feel when you first called in the National under 16?
"It was unexpected. I did not think I would be summoned and that I could live such a great emotion, also because wearing the national team shirt, like wearing my company's, I am always giving me a reason to believe in something ».

In sport the most difficult thing is to confirm, especially in a narrow circle like that of the National team: to continue the dream blue which are in your opinion the indispensable things?
"To confirm the first thing is humility. We must not believe that we have reached our goal because we must never stop. We must continue to struggle to reach new ones, it is necessary to aim higher and higher. We must also improve on a physical and technical level and show that we want to give our best ".

So far what has this experience left you and what you have learned in the national team can also be useful at the club level?
The things I carry with me are hunger and the desire to keep fighting until the end to achieve what I want. I learned even more that a fundamental thing is to show that we deserve to be where we are ».

In the national team there is little time to settle down. To train and play with friends whose character is unknown and whose movements are not known is difficult?
"At first I thought it would be very difficult to settle in, because there are girls from different societies. But the thing that amazed me was the union between us, as if we had known each other for a long time. We were all amazed at this ».

A great satisfaction for her but also for society: what words did she receive?
«Many people congratulated me. This means that the team is close to me. The advice I think about every day, however, I was advised by a couple of people in the company, is that I have to stay with my feet on the ground, I do not have to mount my head, because I have not done anything yet. The most important thing is to be able to stay in that environment, and for this I still have to make my way. "

Confirming yourself in an experienced team, especially for a girl who played in the spring until the year before, is not easy: can the National experience help ensure that you, despite your young age, get more and more space?
"I do not know if I'll get more space, and honestly this does not bother me. I'm happy and serene, lately I have met many beautiful things that until recently I even imagined. So that's fine with me now, I'm really happy. "

Playing with the National under 16 he was able to see and face foreign nationals, and then he was confronted with different football worlds: he could see differences in mentality and technical level between Italian women's football and that of other nations?
"The real difference is professionalism. I believe that the differences are the fault of the prejudices that exist in us; women's football in Italy is seen as inferior to men's football, we are not considered as strong as men. In countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and the Northern European countries in general, women's football is highly valued, so it is easier for there to be high-level teams. We clashed against Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany, and I found that the style of play is different, but the level is pretty much the same. It did not seem to me that the Italian national team was inferior ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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