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Lusignani a Calcio Ladies: "ours is a young, strong and polite group"

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Milan, 10 January 2017 - The captain of Parma Women's Beatrice Lusignani last night, Tuesday 9 January 2018, was the first live guest of the new weekly radio program "Football Ladies", dedicated exclusively to women's football, aired on the national platform " NeTVision Network "every Tuesday between the 21 and 22, conducted by the Parma professional journalist Francesca Devincenzi, with Alessandro Sacco and the collaboration of Maurizio Stabile and the direction of Luigi Cardone.

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This is the transcription of the speech by Beatrice Lusignani:

"When three years ago the new Parma Calcio decided to be reborn also focusing on a women's team, I was delighted with this call and to become part of this project. Parma is an important company, with a great history behind it and that being reborn with a female football project could only please me. So it was one of the first historical companies to bet on pink football. This shirt gives different emotions and for me it is a pride to represent the city: it increases the sense of responsibility. Although in the end the championships that we played in these years - or the Serie C - are the same as my previous experiences, and my companions as well, Beatrice Lusignani wearing the Crociata shirt is something else ... I've been here for three years , now I am part of the so-called old guard: the initial experience we remained in 6: at the beginning of this season, in fact, there was a profound renewal with the arrival of 12-13 new girls to help a competitive group. They gave us a huge hand: they are very young, from 16 to 18 years, at first I was worried, but now I have to say that they are making my life easy.

They are very polite, they are enthusiastic, they are technically good, and they want to sacrifice themselves for their team both in training and in the field without ever giving up. Thanks to them we obtained this second place, a respectable result and difficult to imagine for a group completely renewed and so young, but thanks to them we managed, despite everything, to win all the games played, except a draw and a defeat with the Olimpia Forlì, our traditional black beast. For how I am done, I will try to drag the team in the second round: obviously we will try to do everything possible to stay at least where we are and to win. We'll give it all. My personal goal is to grow these girls: we have crazy potential, I'm happy to have found a group to work on and with which, in the future, you can do important things.

My personal wish is to make this group grow. The team goal? So far we are second and this second place we do not want to throw it away! Unfortunately we can not train with male guys because they, as professionals, train in the afternoon, we, on the other hand, are female or female students, so we can only train in the evening between 20 and 22: with them we meet at the Center Sports or at Parma Club parties or dinners, because the Company tries to involve us in every initiative and treats us as professionals. When I approached women's football, this discipline was not known as now. The movement has grown and now, fortunately, there are no more people asking me questions like once if we can hit the ball of the head or take a corner kick. To the girls who want to start I suggest to do it without fear or prejudice, because I am of the opinion that there are no such things as men and women. Throw yourself, try it: you fall in love inevitably with this sport.

My model as a goalkeeper? It will be trivial to say, but it is Buffon: I want to play a few more years like him, I am inspired by him. Of the women, however, the best in the world is the American Hope Solo.
Who is like us in Serie A? I would say Juventus: we share the grit, the strength and the goal of making known our movement and in general how it is treated by the Company. We are proud to be able to play in Parma and be able to train in important facilities with professionals, doctors, physiotherapists, important technicians and in addition we have also played two games at Tardini ... We go around head-to-head with Parma uniform, also when we work or at school: we are very happy to be part of this company that is giving us so much! "

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