Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Sara Fratini: "The next network is worth 120 career goals"

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Among the architects of this positive path in the Serie B series C round for the Women's Riccione Calcio, Sara Fratini "Fratta" twenty-seven years striking biancazzurra, who is about to cross the threshold of 120 career centers, leading scorer of the coast team. The goal in the blood and the football in the heart, that accompany her since she had 18 years, after a long adventure with competitive swimming for 14 years, the landing in the C series for two years at Coriano and a year in the West, four years spent in San Zaccaria, three in Serie B and one in Serie A, for three seasons in the club of the Green Pearl.

Sara is also engaged as a coach in the San Vito company, with the small players from the years 2009 up to 2012. "He grew up with us - underlines Arianna Fabbri - after having experienced in higher leagues, he returns embracing the company's project: to arrive at a national championship, dragging the many young people present within the group. immediately an example for all, with a powerful physique, and, despite the age, still with a lot of room for improvement ".

Sara, how do you think these first steps in series B?
"I think they are sufficient at the team level, personally I'm not really happy, but I will work to improve myself".

How important was it for your growth to play in Serie A?
"Playing in Serie A has been fundamental for me, even if only for a year, because you compare yourself with people of level, nobody is" poor ", it is stimulating under many points of view, both physical and mental. , but you're on the field, because you train with the same constancy and daily life of the men players ".

A love story with the Femminile Riccione Calcio, when did you arrive?
"I returned to Riccione in the 2015, after having played in the past, it was an unexpected return, Claudia Petrosillo contacted me and convinced me to take part in a match with them one evening as soon as I started playing with the team. I understood that I wanted to go back there, thanks also to him, in hindsight, I was not wrong in making this choice three years ago ".

Rewinding the ribbon, the match and the most beautiful goals?
"I played a lot of good games, but in particular I will never forget the 3-0 in San Zaccaria at home against Brescia and the play-out match against Riviera di Romagna won 2-1.Also last year's final against Forlì With my goal, victory has a special taste: the best goal, not the one I scored in Tavagnacco but it was my first and only goal in Serie A, how to forget it! ".

Where do you want to get there?
"I have personal goals that I set myself every year, to give me stimuli, but those do not say for superstition, I would like to get 200 goal and as high as possible with this team, are at 119, with seven seasonal goals, you're in the league and one in the cup ".

Soccer is ...?
"A great love that will never end, a passion that I would like to continue in the future, I'm also doing the freshman coach (laughs)".

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