Friday, January 17 2020
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Carolina Rotondo, debut with a shotgun

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Debut with a shotgun. Carolina Rotondo, a new signing of Fortitudo Mozzecane, played the first game as a player against the Imola Blanco and immediately scored.
He played the first game in gialloblù against his former team: was it stimulating or would have preferred another opponent?

«I was happy to have dealt with Imola. Last season was a bit 'complicated because of the relationship with the company, so it was challenging to play this match for me. Also on the field I saw my friends, so there could not be a better match ».

Not only did he play, but he also scored a double against Imola: what is it like to score for a team whose shirt has been worn?
"I felt sorry for my former friends, but scoring was a real joy for various reasons: it was the debut and therefore it was important to do well right away, there were some friends of the Olimpia Forlì to see me and was also present My Dad".

Debut with a goal: would you expect to score two goals in the first match with Fortitudo?
"Absolutely not, I would never have expected such a thing; I did not even know if I would enter the field, it was a real surprise ".

His department mates are scoring regularly and have found the right understanding between them: it is difficult to fit into a group already tested in terms of tactics?
"It's difficult, even because there are very good players so it's hard to get a place on the green rectangle. Unfortunately I do not have that tactical feeling with my companions, because it is something that is created and built during the preparation of August and then trains during the season. I do not know well their movements and their characteristics, but we will learn to know each other tactically ".

The Fortitudo has recovered points, but the ranking remains short: the fact of not being able to make false steps is a pressure or a stimulus to win?
"It's definitely an incentive to win. There is little to do, we know that we have to reach the top three positions of the classification, so it is necessary to win and not lose points ».

In the team there are some players who hit her particularly?
"To me in a team always hits the figure of the captain. It is a figure that has been very important in the various years of my career, this is why I tell you Salaorni, also and above all for how you welcomed me. In midfield I really like Lords and Carraro, although I sincerely appreciate all the players of the team: on a technical level they are good, they have grit, they want to win and they really care about the concept of the group ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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