Sunday, March 29 2020
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Fortitudo Mozzecane: Malvezzi, debut by convincing owner

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Good first! Letizia Malvezzi, in the away match against Jesina last Sunday, played the first match in this league. The central defender was well behaved, he fought in the field and played with confidence, contributing to the victory that however came without being hit on goal (the opponent's goal came thanks to a penalty). Here are the words of the young defender gialloblù:

The challenge against Jesina, this season, for her was the first match: what's the feeling of having made her contribution in such an important victory?
"I am very happy with the win and I think my performance was good; obviously you can always improve and that's exactly what I want to do ».

He played against one of the high ranking teams: did he feel the pressure?
«I felt a bit of pressure and tension at the beginning of the first half then, as the minutes passed, I started to take courage and to play in a more serene way; this also thanks to my companions who gave me security ».

The defense formed by her and Marconi, an unpublished central couple, has behaved well on the pitch: does this give her greater confidence in her quality?
«I think Marconi and I had a good race. Both of us were tense, we exchanged a few words before the match and we felt a certain tension, but then we found ourselves at ease on the pitch. Victory always gives confidence and charge, provides greater awareness of their qualities ».

What are, in your opinion, the characteristics on which it must improve and what are its strengths?
"The point on which I have to improve is the fact of not using both feet well; I have to perfect the accident. My strength is instead the grit: when I go into the lot with all my energy and do not give up until the game is over ».

The trip against Jesina (final result 1 - 3, ed) was important to win heavy points for the standings: this result gives the team more charge to face the next races?
"This result was important for us; the team is more and more charged and close-knit, we are growing well as a group. We are getting ready for the next commitments ".

Did Captain Salaorni give you suggestions before going on the pitch? Did you encourage it?
"Salaorni always gives me advice, even during training. Sunday, before the game, he reassured me, told me to stay calm and to play as I can do. Even during the match he gave me tactical advice and then, after the final whistle, he complimented me for the performance ».

Now there is no victory at home and the chance will come Sunday 19 November against Vicenza: what game will it be?
"The match against Vicenza will be difficult because the team, from the standpoint of the standings, has nothing to lose, and therefore will come to our field with the desire to win. We will put the maximum effort and we will try to win the match ».

Are there any defenders, both in men and women, who particularly like them and who are inspired by them?
"In the female field I like Salvai and Gama very much as defenders. In the men's football my idol is Bonucci, even if for a Juventus like me it is difficult to accept his passage to Milan; another defender I appreciate is Gerard Piqué. "

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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