Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Dream debut for Bottigliero: enter and score

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Debut with goals: this is what happened on Sunday 29 October in the league match against Pordenone. Sara Bottigliero, who turned fifteen the day before the Serie B match, made her official debut with the first team's jersey and was immediately decisive.

The match against Pordenone (1-1, ed) represented your official debut in Serie B the day after you turned fifteen, a "nice birthday present": what did you feel when the coach called you off the bench to enter the field, moreover in a game where you were below in the score?
"When the coach called me, I knew I had to do my best for the team and I would have to work hard to overturn the result, so I was very determined and happy to be on the pitch. I saw that the coach and the bench believed in me ».

Debut with goals: the dream of all the players. Did you ever expect that the draw would be yours and be decisive in the first game with the FM?
"No, I never expected such a debut."

Your goal against Pordenone was the first of Fortitudo at home this season: do you feel more comfortable away?
«I believe that playing at home or going away is the same thing: the important thing is to always put effort and desire to win».

Despite the lack of experience now, compared to before, do you feel an even more important element for the team?
«I feel important for the team, but I know that I will have to keep improving and always give the best of me on the pitch».

You have 15 years and lots already with the most experienced for a place in the field: what are the suggestions you get from the coach and your companions to improve?
"The coach and the teammates tell me to talk more, because I'm a little shy, to always give myself in the field, to play calmly and not to be afraid or anxious to make mistakes. I always try to follow their suggestions because being older than me they have more experience ».

Looking at you and your companions, you understand how good work is playing Spring: how did you feel when you learned that this season you would be part of the first team?
"When they had me that I would be part of the first team, I immediately thought that I would have to work hard to show my qualities. I knew that playing in Serie B meant having responsibilities. I was also afraid because I did not know my companions and given my shyness I thought I would struggle; but then I saw how the team was and, although my companions were bigger than me, I found myself well ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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