Monday, January 27 2020
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Di Criscio: "we have to make more points in the next races"

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verona dicriscio
VERONA (I.ZAN.) - The clear home defeat suffered in the last round in the presence of the Fiorentina supercharger did not compromise the Verona classification. The scaligere were reached by the Mozzanica to share 28 points, but they still maintained the third place. A position of great prestige just behind the battleships Viola and Brescia for the young team of Mr. Longega who boasts in addition to the blue teams Galli, Giugliano, Piedmont and Boattin, several other very young as Soffia, Nichele and Meneghini class 2000.

Together with Captain Gabbiadini, one of the veterans of the group just 23 years is Federica Di Criscio, which traces a partial balance of this season: "In the championship I expected something more from us, but also had many losses during the 'year and having broken down with so many little ones I think the vintage is going too well. I was obviously hoping not to suffer so much and maybe aim higher ". The defender tells us how he is living this clamshell experience in a group formed by many young people: "Sometimes I think I have a lot of responsibilities because there are so many little ones in the team, on the other side I have to learn a lot. I am happy to continue with Verona and have made this choice this year. We still have a lot of room for improvement and many young people in perspective: we hope they will not get lost on the street because they can have a good future ". The roadmap of Verona speaks of 9 hits, a draw and 4 defeats. The day to be remembered certainly that of the 2 victory at 0 in the Garda derby against Brescia: "Perhaps on that occasion we did not express a good football, but we knew how to suffer and fight as a team and this led us to the final success". Next Saturday, the Gialloblù will want to resume their journey in the upper reaches of Como, in front of an adversary hungry for points: "I think we must now look at ourselves and make as many points as possible in the next games" concludes Di Criscio "for us it could be hard in every meeting. I think that reaching Brescia is difficult and we still have direct matches with Res Roma and Mozzanica to play with. "

Ivan Zannoni

ivan zannoni
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