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To all Elena Linari: youth, debut with Florence, victories with Brescia, wonderful season with Fiorentina and Nazionale!

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Florentine linari
Elena Linari, defender of Fiorentina and the Italian National Team, explains to Calciodonne the great first part of the season of Fiorentina, the growth phase of the National team, the experience at the Manaus tournament closed in second place, the winning years at Brescia, the first steps that he moved in football as a child and the sacrifices he had to make to get where he arrived, or to be a professional in fact but with the status of amateur.

Hi Elena, how did you approach football? Tell us about when you were a child, how was it to play with boys?
"I started playing 5 years in Atletica Castello, near my home, where I spent the first years, I never felt deprived of my parents' passion for my being a woman, my dad loves football, Florentine and always took me to the stadium.The company has never made me feel different, has always integrated me and still do, I often invite to training and parties, has always been very helpful. Scuola Calcio Desolati, affiliated to ACF Fiorentina: here I made a leap, I grew technically, then I went to ACF Florence and the 2013 in Brescia, I also add that football was my choice, between football and swimming mom could not take me everywhere ... and finally football prevailed! ".

At the age of 14 years, or when age limits are no longer possible for girls to play with males, you have gone to the youth sector of Florence, the "father" of Fiorentina, your current team, with whom before your transfer to Brescia you have different satisfactions: debut in the first team, promotion from A2 to the top series, debut in Serie A young ... Florence as well as having you born has also launched you football: explain these first five years in purple telling us the most beautiful moments spent!
"Yes, at 14 years the Mister of the ACF Florence First Team wanted me to do the preparation, the team had just relegated from Serie A. There were big girls, who had touched the real football, for me it was a great experiences and emotion I was with them coming to the promotion in Serie A, a sweaty and strenuous promotion because we could not climb, something was always missing, then the newly promoted season with all the difficulties on the way ... and the victory in the cup with the Primavera in 2013, winning with them was the best way to go then to Brescia, leaving something of me anyway ".

In the 2014 comes the call of Brescia and after obtaining the maturity steps in the ranks of biancoblù. With the Leonesses you win everything in Italy: two Scudetti, one Italian Cup and two Italian Supercups. In addition to enriching your personal palmarès, how important was it from a training point of view to spend two years away from home in a different environment and in a team full of champions?
"A lot, life outside home made me grow exponentially humanly, I realized in these years 3 how difficult it is to live alone, how many sacrifices you have to make and how many parents do." Then I studied (and even now I study) It was a complete experience, I also grew up professionally, I was in contact with the national team and I had to hire a high-level mentality because I came from a team that was aiming to save, I changed mentality, goals and performances in the field, then even the call to the National team made me jump in. To reach certain goals it takes sacrifices, thanks to this experience I understood what I wanted from my future and how much I wanted to play football ".

With the shirt of Brescia you have had the opportunity to play several international Champions League matches. The gap with the top teams is still great, just think of the double 3-0 suffered by Wolfsburg, but the movement is growing. Do you think that the path taken is the right one to give the right value and to make women's football grow in our country?
"We are at the beginning because unfortunately abroad are ahead, they have projects started years ago that now bear fruit, in Italy it is clear that they have not been made We players do our best, we commit ourselves despite the fact that we do not have the same rights as men , we do everything we can to bring up the shirt we wear but we want to be rewarded for how much we spend in energy and time.Many of us go to train after work, and it is not a simple sweat a training for the Serie A, so challenging, it takes the head to concentrate.The same for those who study, I know it well because I passed it myself.The gap is significant, the Federation has started to do something but before seeing the fruits we have to spend time. We are at the beginning, but we must not break down, if anything we must insist and believe it, then the future will speak for us ".

At the beginning of this year you decided, as a champion of Italy and holder of the Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup, to return home. For a girl called "violet blood", born in Fiesole and raised in the youth of Florence to be the protagonist of the newborn Fiorentina Women's project must be a dream come true. Besides the love for knitting and your hometown, were there other factors that influenced your choice?
"To have the purple shirt on and the lily on the chest has prevailed over everything.The company's project is important, finally a men's society has begun to invest on women, and from the beginning I started throwing the eye. , I wanted to see what and how it was created because being in Brescia where I won everything I did not need to look for a new reality Then when the proposal came I trusted the management, my family and the dearest people near me They helped me in the decision on the future, I was told: "You'll wake up one morning and you'll figure out which shirt you want to wear." The last morning of the choice I woke up and realized what it was. and for my future in football ... so I chose Florence! ".

The fact of not being a separate company, like Florence, for example, but of being the female section of Fiorentina and therefore being part of a professional club that benefits entails? Do you think Fiorentina in Italy should set an example for other companies?
"Surely this is an important aspect, it makes us feel like a single family and this also helps the city and the Florentines to understand that we are there too, that the female reality is present .Wearing the same shirt of the males makes the difference, still more in a crazy city like Florence! Fiorentina is an example to others only if we as a project will do well, if we do not bring anything concrete we will not be able to develop this idea that we are carrying on and on which we are investing a lot. they are different, not only the material and the mentality but also the people inside that make the difference: all these points play in favor of Fiorentina! ".

Full score with 24 points made in 8 matches, the beauty of 34 scored networks (mind blowing average of 4,25 scores per game), just 3 nets suffered and + 31 goal difference (Brescia, second in the standings and defeated in the direct clash for 5 -0, has + 10, same goal difference of Tavagnacco, fourth, while Res Roma, third, gets to + 11 without any other team was able to do better): the numbers speak clearly, Fiorentina has literally dominated this first part of the championship! Did you expect such a departure? The goal of making the Scudetto-Coppa Italy double seems a foregone conclusion, right?
"I did not expect this start because we are so many new players in a new project that starts from zero again this year.It was not easy at the beginning, we had to adapt and make sacrifices to get in tune, get to know us with the staff. 'beginning was a bit' troubled but also beautiful, you live the team and the little things that maybe those who play together for some time is not known.We have to give credit to what we have already done since the withdrawal, now we are only collecting the fruits, and not Sunday we have to do well, even that challenge counts 3 points and we face the matches so one at a time We do not think about Scudetto or Cup at the moment, we will draw the sum, we will all practice after training and game after game to bring home the highest loot ".

National Chapter: you have done the draw in the youths, being the unmovable holder in both Under 17 and Under 19, now it is of fundamental importance even among the great Cabrini. What is the feeling of wearing the blue shirt?
"It is not easy to explain in words how beautiful it is to dress her up and feel the hymn of Mameli, the shivering that comes and all that concerns. At that moment is represented not only the National but also a whole movement, all the young girls that the dream and those who have not had the opportunity to play.From the youths at the National Maggiore was a growth, now with the European we are at the beginning of a great adventure, I hope I can continue to dress it but it will depend on me and that what I do with Fiorentina, so everything starts from Florence I try to play well so that Mister Cabrini convokes me, the choices are made by him and I can only give my best When I talk about National I always tiptoe, because I would like to stay still in the future and being part of this group, they are not superstitious but very respectful! ".

This summer there will be the Europeans where you have been included in an iron group with Germany, Sweden and Russia. At the Manaus tournament, played last month, you made a good impression losing to the final against Brazil and getting a good second place, especially useful for morale. Mister Cabrini certainly returned to Italy with several certainties. Among other things, in the group stage you have beaten Russia that will be in your group also to the Europeans. Tell us about the Brazilian experience and what are the objectives for the European Championship.
"The tournament in Brazil was a unique and rare occasion, in terms of truly unforgettable experience because in these twenty days we have really made a group with the National team. The victory against Russia does not count, this will not be the training we will meet at the Europeans and then there will be two other teams that are very difficult to tackle.The tournament was tiring from the point of view of transport, all those hours of flight that crowded, but it was worth it: there is still a lot to do and on to work to get to the top at the end of June The goal is to grow together and do our best, the group will be difficult, we will see what we can do on the pitch! ".

Thanks to Elena and the Fiorentina Women's Society for the kindness and helpfulness shown to me and good luck for the future football and not!

Interview by Federico Scarso.
In the photo of Alessandro Rosa, Elena in action with the purple jersey in the Luserna-Fiorentina match valid for the sixth day of the Serie A 2016-2017 championship played last November 19.

Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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