Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Face to face with Sarah Bandini, Molassana goalkeeper.

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molassana bandini
Interview with Sarah Bandini, Molassana goalkeeper, who tells us about her career.
Hi Sarah, how did you approach the world of football?
"I approached this sport, starting to play with the boys: my older brother took me and my friends to play with him. My brother played in Sampierdarenese, so I was already in the environment, even though women's football was in an embryonic phase, further back than today ".
Why did you choose to be a goalkeeper, or the role that involves greater responsibility?
"I think I chose it instinctively, in fact, when I started playing, I went straight between the posts. I do not think, therefore, of having pondered the choice of sport, nor that of the role: it is the role that has chosen me and not vice versa. The goalkeeper's role is certainly not easy and, moreover, not easy to understand: it is a histrionic role. I do not remember having ever thought of another type of role: maybe that was what I really wanted to do, even if at the beginning I was not very motivated, because as a young girl I was overweight.
I was a bit 'demoralized because, physically, I did not appear as a goalkeeper or as a player, because I had practiced sports such as judo and basketball.
Today you are at Molassana, but before the blue-red which colors did you wear?
"I play football for 26 years. I wore the shirts of several teams, starting with Sister Mister Bracconi's Sampierdarenese, then moving on to Bogliasco, Pegliese, Ligorna, Savona and many others.
I have played in all the categories and in many teams, some of them even outside Liguria ".
What are your most beautiful football memories?
"I remember with pleasure all the years in which I played: I always have at least one positive memory. The best memories are probably the victories of championships, cups and many important summons. Then there are important performances and parades that have weighed on the result of the matches. When working properly, when there is unity of intent in the locker room, in short, when you are a team you always get positive results that generate wonderful memories. Winning a championship, for example, is difficult and exciting, even for a person like me who is almost never excited. I do not think that, in sport, there are greater emotions than the achievement of both individual and team goals ".
You've been in football for a long time, have you seen leagues in championships and in the federal arena in the last few years?
"Since I started, Italian women's football has grown, but much slower than in other European and world countries. There are still a lot of prejudices, but compared to 26 years ago it is quite another thing, even if there is still a lot of work to do.
In my opinion it is improved only through the commitment of the athletes and the companies. The greatest commitment should be demonstrated by the 'upper floors', especially the Regional Committees. I still see people who demonstrate skepticism in the face of a woman who plays football. However, the situation is, however, improved compared to the past.The evolution of women's football has gone through important people such as, for example, Rita Guarino (former player of the Italian National, graduated in Psychology and current coach of the National Female U.17) , which founded the Footballab, Center for Individual Technical Training, in Turin; which for years has been very successful. We are not interested in being public figures, but it is important that, lately, the Media and Social Networks are dealing with the Movement. Unfortunately all this is not enough: the gap between us and the males is still too wide (salaries, sponsors, political importance and social image). Fortunately, some sponsors also appeared in Serie B, not very big names, but it's already something. "
Interview by Federico Scarso.
Photo by Fabio Fazzari and Mara Ramella, "the Fotocoppia del Calcio Femminile".
Complete gallery of Sarah's photos in the "Pink Card" section on the page "Who says Donna says Football" at the following link:
Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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