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The midfielder Chiara Eusebio traces the 2016: "a fantastic year for Brescia"

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brescia chiara eusebio
BRESCIA - Brescia concluded the 2016 last Saturday with the precious home victory in the derby against Como 2000 that allows him to remain tied in the wake of the leaders Fiorentina, ahead of three lengths. So twelve months have passed that saw the Leonesses led by Mr. Bertolini protagonists in Italy and Europe. We talked about this footballing year of the biancobl├╣ with Chiara Eusebio: the young 1995 class midfielder has carved out an important space on the Lombard mediana and wants to continue her growth path together with her companions.

Chiara, you are in the place of honor in pursuit of Fiorentina in full Scudetto race. How do you consider this first part of the championship?
"If we evaluate the results, I think the start of the season has been more than positive: in the championship we have always obtained the three points with the exception of the trip to Florence where we stumbled into a hard defeat that will allow us to grow. We know that this Brescia has not yet expressed its potential and can still improve a lot ".

In some circumstances you have struggled more than you have to win; how much has the double commitment with the Champions League influenced? By the way, what was missing to access the quarter-finals of the competition?
"It is obvious that the Champions League absorbs physical and mental energy, considering that we did not even have two easy trips from a logistical point of view. However, we have shown that we have made a further step forward in our path of maturation: in the two previous seasons Brescia had lost points in the races disputed between the various commitments of the Champions, this year only victories have come. In Europe, the goal set by the company was to reach the second round and we did, it is not so obvious to always get to the quarterfinals. Against Fortune we paid a bad approach to the match on the first leg, not playing a good first half, while on the return their 2-0 cut our legs and we could not react. Overall, maybe we deserved to go through, but the luck was more cynical in the door unlike ours and in the end he could cheer ".

Returning to the championship, which are in your opinion the opponents who will play the tricolor with you?
"In contending for the title we will still be four, because Verona and Mozzanica are proving to be excellent teams. It would be wrong to think of a head to head between us and Fiorentina. It is also an insidious championship, just think of Tavagnacco and Rome that can take away points at all. Of course the great favorite is Fiorentina ".

After many games the 2016 draws to a close; how do you judge the twelve months of Brescia?
"The 2016 was fantastic: in Italy we won everything, because if we do not want to count the 2015 Supercup, which is part of the hat-trick season as it was renamed in Brescia, we must consider the one won in September against Verona again. To the three national successes must be added the quarter-finals of the Champions League disputed in March, a historic result for Brescia and Italian football. We can not forget this 2016 ".

New year, new ambitions, which are those of Chiara Eusebio?
"The goal is always to improve and achieve new successes together with the team. Personally I am satisfied with what I received from this year: it was my first season in a great team and I was employed with a good continuity even as a manager. This, added to the work during the week played alongside players and staff of the first band, allowed me to grow a lot ".

Ivan Zannoni

Photo: Valerio Pennicino / Getty Images Europe)

ivan zannoni
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