Monday, January 27 2020
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San Bonifacio leads the group c / bomber Rossella Cavallini: "good to get up after the knockout with Valpo"

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SAN BONIFACIO - The promotion of the last season, the Pro San Bonifacio, proves to be a little faded. The Veronese training of Mr. Pignatelli asks the ranking in Group C of Serie B and dreams of the historic goal of A: 21 points in 8 meetings with 7 hits and a single knockout testify to the ambitions of the leaders, but behind him but do not give up Fimauto Valpolicella and Inter, separated respectively by two and four lengths. Among the ranks of the tread play Rossella Cavallini, Romagna bomber from the long run in the top flight and confident attacker able to make the difference in the category.
Rossella, in the last round you resumed your ride beating the Riozzese with a clear 5 to 1. All according to prediction?

"We wanted to get up right after the defeat with Valpolicella and we immediately attacked the opponent. We were good despite the absences to manage the game and it went well. Now head to the derby with Mozzecane ".

You left your mark in the match by making a double; tell us your two goals?
"In the first I took advantage of a nice vertical Rigon surpassing the goalkeeper with a lob from the edge. In the second I managed to hook a cross from the left of Perobello and beat the goalkeeper out. "

As a bomber and a drag driver you are already eight goals scored in as many matches. Which realization goals do you place in this championship?
"I'm at 8, I do not set goals for superstition, but I hope to increase the loot of goals to help the team in this our year so far fantastic".

You arrived in the summer from the Mozzecane; What motivated you to undertake this new experience with San Bonifacio?
"New team, new incentives, closer to home and I already knew the coach. I'm happy with the choice ".

After the promotion touched upon in the previous year, have you set off with the clear intent to go up or is this record a surprise?
"We do not have the goal to win the championship unlike other teams but we find ourselves with merit up there and we want to give our best and take away some good satisfaction. What will come will come ".

So far you are scoring regularly and boasting the best defense with just 6 goals conceded; What's behind this positive path?
"The team is young but we make the" race "and" hunger "our strengths, as well as of course a well-knit and close-knit group".

Ivan Zannoni

ivan zannoni
Author: ivan zannoniEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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