Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Marta Carissimi, Fiorentina midfielder leader: "group and play our strength, forward like this"

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Florentine dear ones
FLORENCE - On the throne of the Serie A after seven days the Fiorentina Women's solo sits at full points. The renewed Viola training is traveling at a very high rate from a road roller: it has won all the races, with 29 nets made and just 2 suffered. Last Saturday in the big match the Tuscan have knocked out the direct competitor Brescia with a bombastic 5 at 0. We retrace the partitissima and the so exciting purple season together with the expert midfielder Marta Carissimi. These are the declarations of the strong Florentine 21 number.

Marta, a comment on the ample victory obtained in the presence of rival Brescia?
"It 's been a game certainly faced with the right spirit and great determination from the first minute, we kept the guard up the whole race until the triple whistle.We had prepared very well this week analyzing all the facets and I think the team he has repeated it in the field.The result is the right expression of what we have done all these months, from summer to today.We came up with this duel, we had the skill to put them in trouble and also the luck of not finding them at the height of the form seen as our opponents have spent in the Champions League ".

Your path until now is almost perfect: what are the main strengths of this Fiorentina?
"A harmony of the group, a mix of young and expert girls who want to question themselves, but also the dedication, the spirit of sacrifice and the hunger for victory that distinguishes this Viola Another strong point is the football we express , a choral game in which all the elements of the team participate: there are no prima donnas but a single group and a game that allows everyone to express their characteristics at best ".

You are at the top, but behind the tandem Verona-Brescia chases to three lengths. The opponents you fear most in the Scudetto fight?
"All the challenges are important and must be tackled in a right way, with decision, otherwise even the least listed training can put you in difficulty and at the end of the season these false steps weigh, I mean Brescia as the number one candidate, but also Verona, Mozzanica and Tavagnacco The championship is long and the opponents are ready to take advantage of every distraction ".

Saturday what race do you expect in the trip against a San Zaccaria in recovery?
"A difficult race because we will play on a difficult field at home the San Zaccaria has always a strong approach, they are very aggressive and close the spaces well: we will have to pay attention and face them with the same concentration last Saturday, do not underestimate this appointment".

Are you personally satisfied with the choice to come to Florence and your performance so far?
"Absolutely, I am happy with the choice I made of the group, the team and the whole of society When we are surrounded by such an environment, personal performance is only a logical consequence of what we live day after day. it is the engine of my performance ".

Ivan Zannoni

ivan zannoni
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