Sunday, 19 January 2020
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The match winner Chiara Ferrario tells the super comeback of Como 2000 on Cuneo

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como chiara ferrario
COMO (I.Zan.) - The incredible comeback victory obtained by Como 2000 on the rival Cuneo was among the most important results achieved last Saturday. The Larians were under 2 at 0 at home to 27 minutes from the end then they decided to change gear overturning the result with the goals of Cambiaghi, Oliviero and Ferrario. Just the latter, match winner at 94 ', changed the race by entering the second half; the young striker 1995 class provided two assists and scored the match goal at the end. These are the sensations of the protagonist Chiara Ferrario:

"Scoring in Serie A is certainly a great thrill, but scoring in a game so fundamental for us and in comeback is even more so - Chiara says enthusiastically - I don't think that my entry has changed the challenge; we have always been in the game even though we were under two goals. I think that in the second half the team has entered the field with a different spirit, something extra has been triggered in us that has given us the strength and aggression to go back to the game and win it in the final ".

Three points that allowed the Como 2000 to engage the Piedmontese at 6 level in full play out area: "We knew and we still know that this championship is very difficult, we are a young team. What has been lacking so far is perhaps the malice that is needed to win and greater awareness in our means. We certainly had to try to win also against Chieti and San Zaccaria, because they are formations absolutely within our reach and unfortunately we left precious points there ”.

In the next round the Italian women will have to try the 'impossible mission' in the Brescia's lair, back from the heavy knockout of Florence and the victory over Tavagnacco in the recovery on Wednesday: "Sure, you go on the field to win! We know of the strength and supremacy of Brescia, but I think that if we play with the same grit, determination and desire to win on Saturday's second half, we can take away our satisfactions ".

Satisfaction that wants to remove even the promising Lombard striker Chiara Ferrario: "I started playing soccer at the age of 7 years in the Oratory of Rescaldina team up to the expected age limit! Then I spent two years in the spring of Azalee and three in that of Como. From here, I moved closer to home, due to the maturity of high school and I played two years in Tradate! Last year I spent at the Azalee and finally this year again here in Como ”.

His heart also beats for the Bianconeri colors and the future ambitions are not lacking: "Being Juventus as an idol as a child I can only say Del Piero and now Dybala and Messi from Barcelona - Ferrario concludes - of my career I am satisfied for now. We are only at the beginning, I am not one who is easily satisfied, I still have a lot to learn! ".

Ivan Zannoni

ivan zannoni
Author: ivan zannoniEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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