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Chiara and Francesca Generali, the twins in the ball

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We can define them as "twins in the ball", taking the title given to the '99 of Steinberg, because the story of Francesca and Chiara Generali has as a common denominator the unbridled passion for football, love that the two twins of Montelabbate (PU ) cultivate from an early age. 2002 class, the young players, can not do without the ball up from very small, among them, with friends, at home and at the park, the desire to experiment begins in Pink Arzilla where they militate up to the Giovanissime category.

Then the transition to the Fya Femminile Riccione society, where they have the chance to compete with girls, also of different ages, in the Primavera category. The call two years ago in the Marche Representative, from fifth place last year, this year reach the second step in the final lost with Lombardy. A date, the 3 July that Francesca, fullback and central defender, remembers very well: "Unfortunately in that challenge I injured the ligament of the knee and was forced to stop for several months, it was really a bad blow for me, but now, months later, I returned to the field more convinced than before, because the obstacles slow down but do not stop me ". Milanista, Francesca attends the ITIS of Urbino, "solar and without flaws" (as Chiara defines it), she loves spending her free time with her family, always close to the activity of the twins, with friends, listening to music. Sacrifices for football if they do, but the joy that comes is so much, and then you dream with open eyes with a call in the national team or in a major company abroad, to improve and grow more and more.

Commitment is not lacking also for Chiara, who hopes one day to dress the blue jacket, while continuing to train with seriousness knowing that her role in women's football is rare: "I started playing in the role of striker for two years, then , one day our porter was not available, and I went to the door, from that moment I did not give up and do the goalkeeper I like it a lot .. The responsibility is great, because if the ball ends or not in the network depends largely from you, but the satisfaction of parrying and saving the result, when it succeeds, is really huge ". Very selfless and talkative, says her sister, Chiara fans Milan and has as idols Buffon and Gianluigi Donnarumma, would not disdain to play in America and for this every day, along with Francesca, from the maximum on the green mantle. The debut in the First Team, in the ranks of the Fya Femminile Riccione, just this year against Bologna, the young goalie, however, never forgets even the school commitments to the Bramante Institute Accounting language course. His hobbies always relate to sport: volleyball and basketball, then stay with friends, family and then of course football.

Arianna Fabbri says of them: "Chiara and Francesca, are a couple of twins who play in Spring, this year, little curiosity, we have in the First Team, and also in the Small category a pair of twins each, two girls different from each other by character and role, but similar in the passion that since childhood has led them to chase black and white leather.Every girls and players, Francesca is back from injury and game after game, is regaining the physical condition and confidence in their means, a central defender with grit and technique that also transmits to his companions Chiara, goalkeeper, complex role but she has the ability to make it simple, it is essential, not only when called at home to defend their own door but above all with personality he leads his team, calls his companions, a true leader, their future in the Fya Femminile Riccione is always more rosy, our youth sector we would like you to live with erection, without too much pressure and tension, his own passion. The future is in the hands of Chiara and in the feet of Francesca, the qualities of these two girls are so many, but it is necessary not to load too much baggage expectations or duties, because you risk getting the effect

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