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The Swedish women's soccer star interviewed by calciodonne.it: here is Lotta Schelin

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Play for more than 10 years in the Swedish national team, in which it debuted in March of the 2004 from champion: two goals in the first game of Sweden under21 in the historic victory for 6 in 0 against the Republic of Ireland. The precedents in the national team do nothing but confirm the caliber of the player, with 7 appearances and 2 goals in the Under18 and 6 appearances and 3 goals in the national under16.
She is Lotta Schelin, striker of the Swedish national team, of which she was captain and is still top scorer, at 85 nets. With good 171 appearances, we can say that it is also thanks to her that the Swedish national is currently 6 ^ in the world ranking of national women's football, after having reached even the 3 ^ place in the 2007.

Among his recent successes it is a must to count the UEFA Champions League victory 2015-2016, with the Lyon team: the final, played just in Italy, saw the French team triumph over Wolfsburg on penalties, one of which marked its own from Schelin.
With Lyon, the player won 8 championships, 5 French Cups and 3 Champions League, and officially left the French team in June 2016 to land in Sweden, in the Rosengard team; the sign of his years spent in Lyon will certainly not be canceled in a short time, as Lotta Schelin leaves the French club as the best scorer ever, with 224 appearances and 225 goals scored, of which 41 scored in the Champions League.

Candidate as best European player - then awarded to Ada Hegerberg - his most recent success is already framed in the new club reality in which he has perfected himself: with FC Rosengard he has just won the Swedish Cup, a title never obtained before.
Calciodonne.it has made an exclusive interview with Lotta Schelin, asking her about her recent transfer, her experience at the Olympics and much more.

D: What significance has it been for you and your nation to have succeeded in reaching the Olympics finals for the first time? And what did you feel in winning the semi-final against Brazil, especially in Rio?
A: It has a great value. Before the start of the tournament we knew that a medal could be a goal within our reach. The medal won was the first in the history of Swedish women's football at the Olympics, so it is a big event. Obviously, when we reached the final we were hoping for gold, but in any case we must be happy and proud of our performance. It is a great result for all Swedish football, especially for women's football.
Winning at the Olympics in Brazil against Brazil, playing Rio in one of the most famous stadiums in the world, the Maracana, is a magical and indescribable feeling.
A curious detail: the "buu" of the Brazilian public during our execution of the penalty shoots did not make me lose concentration, indeed, that "noise" intense has almost loaded me!

Q: What does it mean, and what is the weight of your transfer from Lyon to Rosengard? And on the possibility of playing with Marta [editor's note: Marta plays in Rosengard, from 2014], are you happy?
A: I have lived 8 fantastic years in France with Lyon. Lyon is a great club with a very high level of professionalism. I did not think to stay for 8 years in France! At the beginning I was thinking about an experience of about two years but the time passed quickly, the successes arrived and so the stay lengthened a lot. I am happy and proud to have been part of this team, winning many titles. After many years abroad, I thought it was time to go home, close to my family. In any case, I did not want to resize my ambition and my level as a player, so Rosengård (editor's note: in Malmö) was the optimal choice. Here I have the chance to play with Marta and other fantastic players. In addition, the company is constantly working to establish itself at the top in Sweden and in Europe.

Q: What would you like to answer to Hope Solo, who called you "the cowards"? And what do you think of the disciplinary measure taken against him? [editor's note: Hope Solo was heavily penalized with a six-month suspension from the US national team, blaming the tweet, after losing the game against Sweden in the quarterfinals, the phrase "We lost to a bunch of cowards" , adding that winning "had not been the best team".]
A: I personally know Hope, we played together many years ago (ed: in Gothenburg, 2004) during a good championship, Hope was very much appreciated within the team. I spoke directly with her after the game and tried to explain what happened. He told me that his statement had nothing personal to us, but in any case he took responsibility for what he said. I listened to Hope 's statement, made by the way hot after the meeting. If the disciplinary action only concerns the declaration, I think it is a very severe sanction. I do not know if the Federation has dictated specific rules before the start of the tournament, of the "zero tolerance" type, and if the sanction refers to these rules. It is therefore difficult to give an objective judgment on what happened. I repeat that, judging solely and exclusively by the statement, I think the sanction is very strict.

Q: Do you think women's football is at a turning point, considering also the visibility and the success of the Olympics?
The Italian women's soccer team is often cut off from the most important competitions, and it is difficult to be competitive with other nations: what would you say about it?
R: Of course. I think that every important success like the Olympics contributes to the growth of all Swedish women's football, and reinforces the constant battle that women's football must fight to develop and strengthen their sector. In any case I think that a victory at the Olympics is a success also for all Swedish football in general.
Italy has always had valid players and talents, has touched the qualification to the final stage of the last world championships (ed: lost to the Netherlands, 1-1 in the first leg and defeat 1-2 on the return) but at the moment women's football Italian seems to be lagging behind other nations. For me this is inexplicable in a nation of great football culture like Italy. Women should have the right and the chance to become professional soccer players in Italy as well. Football should be open to all and should offer the same possibilities. I think the women's football movement must continue to fight for their rights.

Q: What did it mean for you to be running for the best European player award? What do you think of the victory of the title by Ada Hegerberg?
A: It is always of special significance to participate in individual competitions as they positively confirm their performance during a season. This award has been awarded for a few years but it is important that it is present and continues in the future.
I think Ada Hegerberg has fully deserved the prize. Complete player, beautiful person with a great personality. Great season at Lyon, I'm happy to have played with her. She was a bit like a younger sister, I'm proud of her.

Q: On the other hand, the victory of the Swedish Cup: you won 8 championships at Lyon and 3 Champions League, but you never won a title in Sweden.
A: This Swedish Cup means a lot to me. It 's great to be back in Sweden to be part of this team (editor: FC Rosengård) who plays football at the highest level.

Thank you for your time, and good luck for next season!

Lucia Pirola

Lucia Pirola
Author: Lucia PirolaWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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