Friday, January 17 2020
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CECCARELLI: "The goal is to confirm itself among the best in Italy"

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Ceccarelli bisFor everyone it is "CC18", a brand that he carries with him since he played, times when he put the ball where he wanted; now as then is the idol of the Giallorossi supporters, but the green lawn touches not to kick a ball, but to prepare athletically the girls of the first team of the Res Roma and to train the Giovanissime team: Claudia Ceccarelli, graduated in Motor Sciences , has been in the technical staff of Res Roma for three years and tells us about the seasonal goals of his team.

Hello Claudia, your third season begins as coach of the Giovanissime della Roma team: what is your budget for the first two seasons?
A more than positive balance considering the victories achieved, the goals achieved but above all the growth of girls over the years.

The Giovanissime football league at 7 Lazio is really short. How much is penalizing for the growth of the youngest?
These girls need to play and learn, unfortunately having a championship so short that commits you only in the spring, forces you to look for alternative solutions. Let's say that now we are used to organize ourselves in this way, and even the girls do not show difficulties in adapting to different situations during the year.

This year you will integrate the commitments with the Serie C championship off the charts: why this choice?
For two years we have chosen to participate in the Men's Youth Championships category, to grow the girls and wait for the start of the Primavera and Giovanissime championship; it was a formative experience for girls, like all those who have to fight in a world of males, but the physical difference was so obvious that they could not express themselves according to their qualities, so we decided to change and insert them immediately into a women's championship like the C series, where however no one gives you anything.

In the first team you have the task of taking care of athletic training. What is your relationship with the girls, many of whom have played with you: more friend or detached coach?
As soon as I stopped playing, my desire was to stay in this world by taking advantage of my studies in the field of motor sciences. The company offered me this role and now I have been working with teammates until recently: it was not easy at first to make oneself credible according to their skills, but I can only thank them because they helped me always working so hard without creating problems. With us, the detached coaches do not exist and neither are they, we are a big family with the culture of work.

Seasonal goals with the small ones and with the first team?
With the small we aim to win again the very young regional championship, which has seen us winning for three years, and to increase the "reservoir" of young talents for the spring and the first team. With the great the goal is salvation, we aim to improve compared to last year even if the format of the league makes everything very difficult.

Better to play or train?
The emotions that you live as a player will never take away anybody, always brought with me and help me to relate with girls. As a coach, everything is different, you are not the protagonists, but I have learned how to get excited about the talent of our girls. There is no better, but different moments of life.

Who are your favorite male and female coaches?
In the men I really appreciate the work of the young coaches, I think that Di Francesco has done a job of extraordinary growth with Sassuolo and can become a great coach. The comparison a bit 'to what has made our Fabio Melillo with Res Roma in recent years, I will seem biased but I always speak with coaches of other women's or men's teams, and you do not find a coach so' in love and know football like he, capable of reaching unimaginable goals with a small reality.

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