On Sunday, August 18 2019
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NAPLES - After the Pink Cup finals, a summer tournament that takes place in the Agnano area, we interview Giusy Moraca, a soccer player at 5 and not only, new signing of Napoli Femminile, class 1996, among the most talented in Campania concerning the his birth year, one of the promises of the South-Italy panorama. His is a return to the mother house, for she was one of the "terrible" girls of Carpisa Yamamay.

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The Gialloverde History is a concrete path realized thanks to the support of the Grifone Gialloverde and of the project Un Altro Calcio è Possibile. It is a history of sport, a story of life, it is a story to be told as an example, to spread and enhance the values ​​and teachings that can come from the sports world and through football.
Yellow-green impact: what did you find in the Griffin as a company?

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In the last championship, the victory for 2-0 against the Citadel, the central defender returned to the bench after a long injury that kept him away from the field.
In the last championship you returned to the bench after the injury. An important step to return to play finally. How was it for an agonist like you not to be on the green rectangle so long?

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New exam for the Pesaro Women's Soccer Tour, which is called to face the leaders Vis Vis S. Elpidio Sunday 14.30 hours between the opposing walls. Once the ghosts of the Cup have disappeared, Venerandi & Company have immediately returned to sweat, generosity, sacrifice and a bit of courage in the last meters, these are the must have of the next challenge, as underlined by the striker class' 95 Valentina Livi: " with the first in the standings I live it as one of the many matches that, during this championship, we will face.

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