Friday, February 28 2020
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Martini amazes with a pen in his hand and writes again the book of "La Giovane Italia" 2016 / 2017

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For the second consecutive year it will always be the pen of Mattia Martini, manager and consultant of football-market of Verona, as well as the head of the female sector of "La Giovane Italia", to write down and take part in the writing of the book "La Giovane Italia, Gli Under 19 in which we believe ", a publication of the homonymous broadcast broadcast on SKY SPORT 24 HD, concerning professional and feminine youth male football, which sees Paolo Ghisoni, manager and well-known journalist, and Fabiola Rieti, editorial coordinator, reference figures.

The hand of the young talent took care of the complete pink part of the aforementioned successful sports text throughout the peninsula, dealing with thirty stories and careers of U19 soccer players, in the national team or in Serie A.
A book that collects the Azzurre emotions, those of clubs, the triumphs and the captivating curiosities of the most confidential and close sports and personal experiences of those that will be the stars of our football.

Following are the statements by Mattia Martini, author of the text in the female part and manager and market consultant for Verona:

"I am really happy to have taken part, for the second consecutive year, in the drafting of a text that is so important and so appreciated in Italy, that aims to highlight all the youthful football component of our nation.
He really fills with joy and prides himself on coming into contact with boys and girls, with the human component behind the simple being a player.
Furthermore, it is sincerely an appreciable and important thing to be involved in initiatives of such importance, scope and drafting, due to the number of copies and disclosure.
Having said that, I take this opportunity to thank the person responsible for the edition and the program "La Giovane Italia" Paolo Ghisoni and the editorial coordinator Fabiola Rieti, who confirmed my confidence and esteem for the second consecutive year. "

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