Friday, November 15 2019
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rainbow-VeronaAfter a great coach, passing to an excellent manager, I close the triptych with a president Dino Salvetti: heart, brain and soul of the Bardolino Rainbow.
The Gialloblu 'have won in the 2012: the Young Soccer Championships and the GC Supercup winning the opportunity to play the "Groosroot Festival in Coverciano" over the prestigious "Gardaland Cup" against teams from Northern Europe. In the 2013, the Gialloblù have again confirmed themselves as winners of the "Young 2013 Knitting Machines" and the 25 in May will face Zensky Padova to dispute the "2013 Young Supercup Team".
-To you let the general public know which A-series kickers you had the pleasure to particularly appreciate?
S-I would not do any harm, but a few years ago I had made available part of my apartment to those girls of Bardolino Femminile, who were far from home. They lived with my family most of the year and became part of it. I was lucky enough to meet the greatest champions: "PANICO, GABBIADINI, BONI, CAMPORESE
- Tell me a nice anecdote about one of them ..
S-I remember an episode about Valentina Boni, the bomber of Brescia. She was injured by a knee and could not move, she was terribly bored and then I took an office chair and transformed it
in an 1 formula machine that ran around the house. Take advantage of Calciodonne to greet her: Hello Valentina !!!
- Have you remained in touch with other protagonists of the series A. who has particularly struck you?
S-I would not want to forget anyone, because they were all good. Someone will still remember the parties and the grilling on the terrace by me. But I would like to mention a girl who impressed me greatly
especially for its humility and simplicity: Alessia Tuttino.
-How did you get the idea to create the Rainbow Bardolino?
SL 'Arcobalino Bardolino was born 3 years ago, it is a pure youth sector company, in collaboration with Bardolino-Verona CF. Its purpose is to grow young girls in a healthy way. There is no first team and the fees paid by the parents are for the benefit of the daughters, otherwise it is mathematical that they run away immediately.
-How do you become a player of yours?
S-Usually the girls who approach our group, do not come through a particular scouting, but they get there because they see our game and the group very cohesive. Many parents decide to bring their daughter to train by taking on several sacrifices. The girls come from all over the province of Verona, some even come from Trentino. Sometimes I get criticism, but I am proud of my work and I can respond to the results with my critics. One of my "little girls" (BALDO CARLOTTA, class 1997) has already made his debut in the national youth team and in the 2013 also in Serie A with the female Verona ..
I asked a coach and a manager how he sees the problems of our sport. Now it's up to a president of pure youth sector.
-How do you see today the situation of national women's football?
S-The problem of women's football in our home is linked to the lack of visibility of the movement. We need to start from the bottom, from the base and work well.
- Entering right in your field, how do you see the situation of the nurseries?
S-Noto unfortunately that you work a lot from the physical point, while few nurseries work on quality, on the "basic technique".
-How do you convince a skeptical father to bring his daughter to play football?
S-In my opinion, all boys and girls must have the opportunity to practice the sport they like without any prejudice.

Thank you for the interview Dino and the companies: Arcobaleno Bardolino and Verona-Bardolino Calcio Femminile.

Maurizio Faretta

Author: maurizio farettaEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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