Friday, February 28 2020
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mozzecane-Boni-JosephA brief curriculum of Giuseppe Boni. He was born in Casteldario (MN) the 12 August 1954, first footballer (5 amateur championships and 5 classifications gunners won), then 5 years as an amateur coach (Mozzecane promoted in First category, first and only time), then 5 years as a coach youth sector (victory of the provincial championship with the Scaligera chicks) and now 17 years as founder and promoter of women's football in Mozzecane (four promotions from the D to the Serie A, but from coach only the first from the D to the C)
- Giuseppe Boni and Fortitudo Mozzecane an indissoluble marriage?
B) With the Fortitudo Mozzecane we have made all the steps from the D to the Serie A and above all without means / money available (even this year we have retrocedendo far won the league of the lowest budget employed and close the season in active)
- To introduce you to the general public which A-series footballers had the pleasure of discovering? An adjective for each of them?
B) Obviously the level is in the Serie A is completely different and there are many players who impressed me, but Vicchiarello (Chiasellis) seemed to me to have a talent and a very special class; Guagni (Florence) a force of nature; and Napoli in toto I think it's the real surprise of the championship.
- Who left you the most beautiful memory?
B) Lisa Faccioli of Fortitudo.It 'an exceptional girl who surprised me, who has always given everything despite the very troubled season
- How do you find the little champions of the future in the most unexpected places?
B) Obviously the strongest are taken by those who have a more high-sounding name and those who promise seas and mountains, we open the doors to all and try with the utmost commitment to bring them to good levels
- How do you see today the situation of national women's football?
B) Very bad, while the rest of the world grows, Italy sinks and the evils are the same as Italy's nation: the smart ones are rewarded; among the thousand problems that gripped a company this year it has also happened that 5 our members have left the team because the company has decided to change coach !!! I have no words!!!
- What recipe would you have to solve these problems?
B) A policy towards sport that is not based on personal interests, but as a function of the movement as a whole, therefore wise choices and investments and prizes for those who work well.
- Entering right into your field, how do you see the nurseries in general? and the spring sectors?
B) Difficult to keep them on their feet and with the current crisis and the lack of new "vocations and sponsors" will always be worse; just look at how many companies disappear each year !!!!
- What relationship do you see for the growth of an adolescent, the relationship with sport?
B) There is a profound crisis of values. Sport should be supported as it happens for school and as happens in many countries of the world
- As a skeptical dad, why should I bring my daughter to play football?
B) Simply and only if he likes to play football
- A few years ago I was able to read a wonderful interview with your daughter Deila (Deila Boni is the most representative striker of Fortitudo Mozzecane) who spoke about her father Giuseppe. Do you want to say something special to your daughter?
B) Thank you very much for everything you did for Fortitudo in these wonderful 17 years that have led us to tread the scenes of the highest national level, although of course I regret that this is his last competitive year and that close a career with a relegation.

I thank Joseph and Fortitudo Mozzecane for availability.

Maurizio Faretta

Author: maurizio farettaEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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