Friday, February 28 2020
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seedling-youth n250In my column with great pleasure, I was able to interview a great character of young women's football: Luciano Semenzato.-For who is not properly an insider, who is Luciano Semenzato.
S- I was born in Salorno (BZ) in the far 1946. I have been a military and civilian pilot of an airplane and a helicopter, I have loved football since I was a kid, I played with the Aquila di Trento in promotion, for three consecutive years I was part of the Regional representative of Trentino. as a player / coach.
I attended the 3 ^ ctg. Coaching Course, in March 1972 in Orvieto (with the Federal Instructor the legendary Silvio Piola, coming 1 ° of the course. I was President of the Italian Soccer Coaches Association of the Province of Verona from 1988 to 2006.
I had the pleasure and honor of having played with the Gialloblù 70, old glories of Verona for about ten years.
I held the position of Sports Director in the Foroni Verona Women's Company where the first team was coached by Bertolini, the current coach of Brescia, I remember the great players Brenzan and Guarino.
I have held various positions in the Bardolino Femminile (Resp. Of the youth sector, coach and deputy of the Under 14 and spring and also responsible for the Technical Area of ​​the 1 ^ Team). For eight years, I have been continuously involved in football school, certainly a difficult, exciting and rewarding experience, which I invite to all the coaches involved in youth sectors.
- Which Serie A players did you have the pleasure of training? An adjective for each of them? Who left you the most beautiful memory?
S-Over the years I have had to deal with a lot of players, where everyone has left me something that has enriched me. Riciccom Comin, Brunozzi (for what he could give me a hand in the youth sector), Picarelli ( arrived quietly from America, daughter of Italian parents so much to become the number one goalkeeper of the Italian National), Sometti, Motta, Schiavi, Sorvillo (gave me a big hand in the football school in that of Garda), Stefanelli, Barbierato, Girelli, Parisi (I worked to bring her to the Bardiolino, she played with a team from Trento), Toselli, Tuttino (great personality, humble, Friulian doc ... she also gave me a certain contribution for what she could), Boni Valentina (the great Bardolino flag, born in Cavaion, has certainly represented an idol for many girls in the province of Verona), Melania Gabbiadini (she found the stimuli in Bardolino, the ideal environment to show off her great skills , so much to be a staple of the national team, and for its strength and speed to play with the best players in the world), Paliotti, D'Adda, Filippozzi-Baroni-Vivirito-the sisters Mascanzoni-Ledri all coming from the young sector of Bardolino.
- Speaking of the greatest Italian soccer player in activity, tell me about Patrizia Panico ..
S-I deliberately left last to Patrizia Panico, who struck me for his great professionalism and humility. He is the captain of the National team, he is an undisputed goleador, but with extreme simplicity I have always seen her give great advice to the younger ones, both in the game and in training, a true leader.
-How do you see today the situation of national women's football?
S-is a serious ill in imminent danger of life. I noticed a certain corporate, technical and programmatic disorganization. Unfortunately there are some characters, in most incompetent and arrogant, move players and clubs to their liking, bringing the women's football system to disorientation and distrust.In Italy, there are about 12 thousand members, if we think of Germany, where they are over million, I do not tell you how many in America, Canada, Brazil ..... in Europe we take the place behind Iceland !! If this is not a catastrophe, tell me what it is !!!
-What recipe would you have to solve these problems?
S-It is necessary to do everything to increase the "WOMEN" movement ... contacts must be deepened and appropriate projects presented with the schools. UEFA wants to develop programs to increase the Italian Women's Football. They should create new "FEMALE FEDERAL CENTERS" ", the only one in Italy is that of Turin, born exactly one year ago.
- From skeptical dad, why should I bring my daughter to play football?
IF 'a particular question for me, I would recommend football because it has a participation at the collective level.
There are still persistent prejudices against this discipline, which unfortunately represent an "obstacle", which do not help to start the girls to its practice. One way to start breaking down certain "stereotypes" will consist in laying the groundwork for there to be no future more gender distinction, in differentiating between males and females in the age linked to football school (6-12 years).
We hope that the companies that keep these very close: "masters" of football that operate in the female world and must understand that the investment on young people and coaches should not be taken only as a cost, but as an added value for the future of all the Italian football movement

I thank Luciano, the Arcobaleno Bardolino and the Verona Calcio Femminile

Maurizio Faretta

Author: maurizio farettaEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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