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salernoThe president of Turin with an email to all companies, and press organs, asks the STATE OF CRISIS of women's football and proposes his recipe, to be discussed with other companies, to present it to Commissioner Tavecchio. In the statement, the president of Salerno declares: "if on the one hand the Commissioner Tavecchio is doing everything possible to find immediate solutions to the catastrophic situation in which the national women's football is located, it must be our precise duty, even though moments of vacationers hang, to confront ourselves" crisis "of our football and propose possible solutions to avoid worsening the serious economic situation we have sunk in. It seems essential, in my opinion, to declare the" state of crisis "of women's football and ask for extraordinary measures to support it. tackle the 2011 / 2012 vintage. " The immediate extraordinary measures for the 2011 / 2012 season could be:

- competition to the 50% of the LND of the travel expenses over the 500 km;

- suspension of articles 94 and following of the NOIF (economic agreements)

Later it will be essential to address other "vital" issues:

- Experimental start-up of the obligation (for the 30.04.2012) for all the male D Series and Excellence companies to form a 20 / 98 class X.99 team with dispute of provincial-regional mini-championships;

- Changes to regulations regarding the release due to change of residence of the players.

- Changes to the Noif Rules on Economic Agreements;

- National Female Management

following report artt.94 of NOIF

Art 94

Agreements in contrast with the rules

1. They are forbidden:

a) agreements between companies and members providing for compensation, premiums and allowances in contrast with the regulatory provisions, contractual agreements and any other federal provision;

b) the payment by the company to its members, in any capacity, of compensation or premiums or allowances exceeding those agreed in the contract or any amendments thereto, provided they are ritually deposited in the League and approved by the same.

2. For violations of the prohibitions referred to in the previous paragraph, the companies and their legal representatives, even if they have omitted the necessary vigilance to prevent the violations themselves and the card-holders, are subject to the sanctions provided for by the Code of Sporting Justice. Any actions promoted by the members before the judicial authorities to protect their rights deriving from the agreements referred to in lett. a) of the previous paragraph, do not include, excluding the shares concerning the payment of premiums other than those provided for in the preceding article 93, paragraph 1, among those provided for by the art. 24, paragraph 2, of the FIGC Statute. in any case, to notify each of its initiatives in this sense to the League of competence.

Art. 94 bis


Players and technicians of companies that, excluded from the Professional Sector, participate in activities within the National Amateur League may, by way of derogation from the provision of Article 24 of the Federal Statute, take legal action for the purpose of satisfying their own economic requests.

Art. 94 ter

Indemnities, reimbursements, prizes for players of the National LND Championships

1. For the players involved in the National Championships of the National Amateur League, in compliance with the federal statutory rules and the current legislation on the subject, any form of self-employment or subordinate work with the consequent prohibition of any emolument is excluded, as for all non-professional players; relating to employment contracts.

2. Players who are registered and engaged in National Amateur Championships can only be paid travel allowance and flat-rate reimbursement of expenses, as well as "prize items" inherent, directly or indirectly, the competitive commitment.

3. In the settlement of the flat-rate reimbursement of expenses or travel allowances due to the players referred to in paragraph 2, the companies can not exceed 60.000 (sixty thousand) per day for a maximum of 5 days per week during the period of the championship.

4. For competitive activities, which may take place in Championship matches, Italian Cup, Tournaments, friendly matches and preparation for the sports season, in compliance with current tax legislation, players as per the paragraph 2 can not be liquidated, as " premium ", a sum greater than £ .100.000 (one hundred thousand) for each benefit.

5. In the preparation phase for the National Championships of the National Amateur League, the clubs can pay off the players referred to in paragraph 2 no more than 45 days for flat-rate reimbursement of expenses or travel allowances according to the maximum amount referred to in the paragraph 3 (£ .60.000 daily).

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