Friday, January 17 2020
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"True freedom of the press is telling people what people do not want to hear" GO

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statue of LibertyToday's editorial begins with George Orwell's pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair, writer, journalist, political and cultural commentator, Orwell is one of the most popular English essayists of the twentieth century. Nothing to do with me!
His quote, however, that I fully agree with, is useful to open a discussion that too often is dealt with in privacy, as many topics concerning women's football and instead I would like to address publicly, with discretion, transparency and respect for the reputable opinions.
I firmly believe that talking about problems and dealing with them in the light of the sun is a way to avoid falling into omission or menipre- bism and are essential to prevent and treat.

Too often, however, highlight a particular reporting the proven evidence with the related assessments it has created irreparable damages. Every action, as we know, has a consequence and the fact that everyone could express an opinion is an inviolable good that must be safeguarded and supported."I don't think like you ... but I'd give my life to make you say what you think" (Voltaire) On the other hand, instead, those who express themselves in this world make themselves enemies and therefore many renounce them and the few who do keep us to their anonymity. (How to blame him?) The terror of retaliation involves mouths and freedom of thought: this is an evil that goes above all!

My site has always given space to every topic or discussion and in this case it has been praised by the person concerned while retaliation by those who have been appointed. I do not find it right, that some presidents and societies but also footballers and some CTs do not make themselves available to dialogue and even severe but still constructive criticism. The famous confrontation, which too often calls for ending up before an Attorney of the Republic or brings ridiculous threats and insults. has always given space to all the companies, presidents, associations, soccer players without taking into account divergences!

I go on my way without fear "constanter et non trepide" because I believe the freedom to report facts demonstrable and questionable is never a slander or diffazione but also the right information of which everyone is entitled.
I would be in favor of combining thoughts and opposing ideas to improve this small and poor world of women's football but it is an impossible dream. A world that too often loses more time in internal battles and retaliation than confronts itself in order to make itself known, collaborate and promote itself united, regardless of divergent ideas.
I do not want to prolong myself too much because I will be able to analyze the sporting season and summarize the facts reported in another article.
I conclude by saying that, I do not care if some societies, slaves of their pride and ideals, linked to blood pacts and brotherhoods, obstruct the information that starts from this site and our activities. I go on with the usual passion and incorruptibility and with the desire to "to change more this women's soccer " against politicesi and personal interests that stagnate in the movement.

Walter Pettinati

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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