Monday, March 30 2020
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Clarification of the Women's Football Department

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Regarding the statements made last October 21 by the President of Torino CF Roberto Salerno, the following is noted: the disqualification of eleven months imposed by the FIGC Federal Court disciplinary section to Mr. Roberto Salerno concerning the failure to file the economic agreements includes a penalty of another a nature that concerns regrettable facts that damage the reputation of the CF Department's institutional bodies and of people belonging to it, overshadowing discriminatory behavior if not contrary to the needs of the affiliated companies. Recalling the paragraph n.2 of article n.19 of NOIFs, the temporary inhibition sanction implies in any case: the prohibition to represent the belonging company in activities relevant for national and international sports; the prohibition to participate in any activity of federal bodies;

the prohibition of access to locker rooms and annexed rooms, during football events and matches, even amicable, within the scope of the FIGC, with the possible extension request in the UEFA and FIFA areas; the prohibition to participate in meetings with FIGC members or with football players in possession of a FIFA license.
In the case of the presence of sporting penalties, it is possible to have your company participate, making sure to delegate a manager to take part in the meeting.
For completeness of information it is important to underline that the communication of the CF Department of the National Amateur League concerning the participation of the Presidents at the meeting in Milan for the companies in the northern area was carried out to all possible participants and not to a single representative of the company .

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