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The promise to approve the DDL AS 1996 bill on 8 March 2016 for the Women's Day vanishes in void. So many good intentions but concrete, for now, we have not got anything! Will the usual political propaganda?

Retracing the steps of the (due) initiative of the Hon. Faithful we see that the proposal was presented on 1 2015 July and announced in the ant. n. 477 of 2 July 2015 and then launch it to the media with the press conference of 30 September 2015 at the Chamber of Deputies. ( )
At present, it appears from the Senate website that the bill was assigned to the 7ª Standing Committee that has not yet begun the examination. (

Before that, on November 7 2014 at the Press Room of the Chamber, there was the presentation of the law proposal of the Hon. Laura Coccia (

to extend the rights of professional sport to women too (the usual proposal by Fedeli). "There is unbearable differentiation in this country, where women's sport has always brought great results, from Olympic medals in single disciplines to team championships" - said the young Democratic deputy and former disabled athlete - "There is a need absolute guarantee, from that for maternity to health, without forgetting the economic aspect.We have to adapt to male standards and look with a different eye on the female environment, too often relegated to aesthetic rather than results on the field ".

In this conference the union representatives of football and basketball were only present.

Let's see specifically what are the changes proposed by the Fedeli that are so scary to his colleagues Honorable Government so much postpone approval from month to month.

1. All 23 law March 1981, n. 91, the following modifications are made:

a) to the 2 article, first paragraph, the words: "are professional athletes athletes, coaches, technical-sports directors and athletic trainers" are replaced by the following: "are professional athletes athletes and athletes, coaches and coaches, directors and the technical-sports guidelines and athletic trainers and trainers ";
b) to the 2 article, after the first paragraph, the following is added: "Whatever the sport discipline regulated by CONI, any discrimination on the part of national sports federations regarding the qualification of sporting professionalism in women and men is forbidden";
c) to the 10 article finally, the following paragraph is added: «When elements of fact, also derived from statistical data concerning the qualifications of professional sportsmen, the establishment and affiliation of sports clubs, are suitable to establish, in precise and concordant terms, the presumption of the existence of acts, pacts or discriminatory behaviors on the grounds of sex, it is up to the national sports federations recognized by CONI the burden of proof on the absence of discrimination. "

As we can see, the changes consist "alone"in adding the female gender in various qualifications, ignored, who knows why, until now.The same change of law, always results from the site of the Senate, has been signed by a few parliamentarians.

Apart from that I think this update was done with the "pink quotas", I wonder: what is there to evaluate, analyze and discuss to remedy such discrimination? ... when in other situations, in a few night time, have been able to reduce to poverty thousands of Italians with the law save banks?

Given that,
in my opinion, professionalism is not made with laws but with money and projectsin this regard, I bring you back a statement by Michel Platini: "Professionalism exists only because there is money - it does not exist solely because of the desire to be professional athletes.The difficulty in this regard is not for UEFA, it is a matter linked to national associations, leagues and clubs. It is more a national than an international subject. "

And above all, why no sports and political union claims? to answer this good question I went to comb through the maze of politics / sports and you know what I found? the ubiquitous trade unionist Katia Serra, RAI columnist, is also a coach of the National Parliamentarians! read here

How can the Serra claim against her honorable players? Could you put your seat on the bench and / or compromise other positions of prestige? and then ... better keep quiet and wait, so the bill has been presented, the press conferences have been made ..., the AIC members are happy and in the meantime ... they play the games ... and the rights of women in sport?

Then talk about feminism, equal opportunities and discrimination. But it's not over here!

I got to
to get in touch with the very kind Hon. Coccia to which I spoke about the petition on TV rights. He immediately invited me to a meeting in Rome but since I sent him the text of the petition he literally disappeared.

How beautiful is politics, so rich in diplomacy and interests ... rarely in support of respect for citizens ...

Perhaps our petition is not shared because it is inappropriate?
... and why theAIC snobba our initiatives? (I was told that we have no institutional value ... and participatory democracy what is it?

last year, we blocked demonstrations against violence against women organized in 12 Italian cities: 8 events on 12 were canceled due to the lack of participation of their members, while in 4 city they did not care about AIC. In Naples, Milan, Pescara and Udine took to the streets and in all cases there was a great success of approval and promotion.
A Naples with the Mayor De Magistris in the front row together with the president Lello Carlino (Carpisa owner) and Italo Palmieri of Naples; theCouncilor for sports in Milan Piazza del Duomo opened where the president Bulleri of Bocconi placed his gazebo and his girls entertained passers-by; Pescara with the women's home society and the association against violence against women demonstrated for the equality and the council of Udine follow the streets of the city the initiative of the homonymous women's society.
Block motivation? it was not the time to demonstrate against violence against women, they had the project "Women's soccer sector" in question, then rejected as expected by Tavecchio.

This year they repeated with the petition on "women's rights to women's football"
. Before making public my idea, I allowed myself to contact President Tommasi to have their sharing but the answer has not yet arrived. This time it seems that their absence is due to the fact that the same request had already advanced to them with a negative answer to the president Tavecchio and then they say that we do not have the titles to make proposals. As if participatory democracy did not exist. And anyway, according to the football syndicate, this it is a struggle that belongs to the companies and not to the players... and on this point I leave you all every consideration!

In all this, let's not forget about those who abstain because they have relationships with the FIGC and / or who hope to have a small armchair ... as if our request were illegitimate and unconstitutional ...

We go forward with our initiatives, for now we have passed the 12.000 signatories with the hopes of uniting, in this right battle, all the skeptics ... even those who, for a given party, have, at the moment, a contrary position. Sign up at this link:

Cconsidered that in the Department the female football presidents have no possibility of decision but only of word (as per regulation), and in anticipation of a possible constitution of a "Women's Football League" I think it's time to launch the famous "Association" of Female Football Presidents ".

Good female football for everyone!

Walter Pettinati


Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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