Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Yesterday we showed the success of the demonstrations, today I want to deepen an aspect that particularly struck me and indignantly. First, however, we retrace the steps that led to the event, aroused by Belloli's alleged words being examined by the Milan Public Prosecutor.
It must be said that the idea of ​​protesting with a national demonstration, based in Rome, can be attributed to Elisabetta Cortani (SS Lazio), promptly shared and extended by the undersigned in 12 regional capitals to give the whole movement the opportunity to participate actively and promote themselves.

The news immediately raised great interest: for the first time in the history of the movement, women's football raises its head and does so in all the main Italian cities. It's a boom of consents, in a few days the article published by our site surpasses the 3000 visits, in the social networks the shares are unleashed and the famous "likes". The companies contact us to organize the event in their own region with pride.

But as often happens in our movement, from the euphoria of an idea we pass to the lack of concreteness in realizing it. The reasons can be multiple and all deserve the utmost respect (apart from those who discredit the work of others): they go from different points of view to the immobility of those who fear to expose themselves for nothing. "nothing changes so much" is one of the many recurring phrases among the experts, destroyed in self-esteem by the many broken promises that have generated so much pessimism and conviction that we are a sport that is worthless, from the third world.
The patronage of the AIC and AIAC is requested without any results and answers.

The organizations in some cities, in spite of themselves, tell us that the players do not participate without the sharing of the AIC and are forced to cancel the event. Other companies give up due to the lack of time available to organize an event worthy of the importance of the event.

The promoter Elisabetta Cortani in Rome freezes the event (Palermo and other cities follow it) and with a post on facebook explains her motivations: "[.....] have instead chosen in the light of the resolution approved by the federal council of 26 May to freeze the initiative, wait for clarity and certainty in a short time ... "

The AIC sends an email to its associates with the following text which shows that the author is Katia Serra: "regarding the demonstration of tomorrow I turn to the message of katia serra (AIC): AIC does not impose anything on its members "The general rule is that we must always be well informed with reliable sources and also listening to our counterparts. And to think with our own head, listening to those who have more experience and knowledge about these dynamics. And AIC, like AIAC, in addition to capacity they are governed by people who have been demonstrating for a long time to keep to the female movement
phase in which there has been an opening it makes no sense to protest and, moreover, the claims and protests must be organized with criterion. We consider it senseless to advertise an event that does not bring everyone together. Later on, if the opening received by the FIGC does not lead to the goal that we all have to build together, then we will make new reflections ".

I do not give up, the subject is hot and humiliating and I go ahead along with the companies that believe that respect for human dignity is more important than neighborhood interests and I reply to everyone with an article that summarizes: "I don't care to wait the outcome of the development negotiations started between AIC-AIAC-FIGC, much less I want to wait for the details of what was approved by the federal council of 26 in May, for the benefit of a few companies ... human dignity, quality of life, equality are rights that must precede any interest, personal and trade association .. "

Full article: http://www.calciodonne.it/rubriche/parliamone/16926-iostoconilcalciofemminile-che-manifesta-contro-le-discriminazioni-sulle-donne-che-giocano-a-calcio

My indignation was taken with the words written to the associated AIC, sent to me by some players who disagreed with what they had been advised by their union. I have not verified the authenticity of the author of the message because Katia Serra has not responded to messages or telephone calls for a long time: she is now an institution, a TV columnist, a coach, a former international professional soccer player etc etc and she gets stronger of positions reached with all the movement and has no time for mere mortals like me. Therefore I didn't call you, I trust those who sent me the message I have
reported verbatim, without changing the form of the content ... but we are so used to its television diction ...

I want to premise that I always respect those who think differently from me even if I fight for my beliefs, therefore:

- I think it is legitimate to change my mind, even at the last moment, on a commitment, motivating the reasons that lead to freezing an initiative without discrediting those who go on their own way;
- I also consider legitimate those who immediately did not consider it right to participate;
- however I remain indignant from those who criticize the work of others with the content, reported above, of the AIC to their associates.

The author of the message "does not require not to participate" but at the same time advises "not to advertise the event" and urges them to obtain information from reliable sources, even listening to their counterparts.
But which counterparts should you listen to? who discriminated against the movement so far? calciodonne.it is not a reliable source and does not have the experience and knowledge (twenty years) on the dynamics? But then, what reliable sources do you need to
organize an event (approved by the Police Headquarters) that protests against discrimination?

But what has left me speechless is when he says that "in this phase where there has been an opening it makes no sense to protest". In my opinion, it's like saying: it doesn't matter if they discriminate against us and treat you with contempt, the important thing now is
the opening with the FIGC ..., so silence, lower your head and endure without protest.
The gem is when he writes: "the claims and protests must be organized with criterion" and here is overcome in all its vanity. Have calciodonne.it and the women's soccer clubs that organized the event not acted properly?
- the mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris actively participated in an event without criteria?
- the City of Milan and its Councilor Bisconti have made a statement on the official website of the City of Milan of an event without criteria?
- the Women Ananke Anti-violence Association (non-profit organization DiRE) and Leila Kechoud, Councilor of the province and of the municipality of Pescara and for Equal Opportunities participated in the Pescara event organized without criteria?
- Assessors dott. Alessandro Venanzi (Councilor for Trade and Tourism), Dr. Simona Liguori
(Councilor for Health and Social Equity), Dr. Raffaella Basana (Councilor for Sport,
to Education and to Lifestyles) have they supported a manifestation without criteria?

and ... then the icing on the cake .. "We think it senseless to advertise an event that it does not bring everyone together (which means). "and on these words I leave to you readers their considerations.

My answer was: "#IoStoConIlCalcioFemminile taking to the streets for equality, respect and recognition of women's football, against homophobia, sexism, clichés, territorial discrimination and stadium violence ..."

But I say, women's football has always been discriminated against and Belloli's alleged sentence has finally brought to light a situation that has outraged all the institutions, why shouldn't the women's movement demonstrate for its recognition? but above all why is it senseless to advertise an event in support of the dignity of the woman who loves to play football? Have you read the press releases?

Let's go into the concrete, what has the football and soccer union (AIC) done in recent years to give dignity and equality to women?
- has he called a demonstration against discrimination?
- did the professional footballers strike during the league matches?
... what did he do?

(As far as I know, only two strikers like Manolo Gabbiadini and the great Francesco Totti have
defended female football ..)

I'll tell you what he did: the (legitimate) striker called for the Italian Cup final! ... that would have brought only fines and referrals to the finalist companies if the Lega council had not discouraged Belloli and the game had not been played. This topic will be explored in my next article: "WHO PROTECTS THE FEMALE SOCCER SOCIETIES?".

And as the president of Brescia Cesari said: "Allow me anyway to point out the scarce consideration shown to us Presidents of the women's football clubs by the Association of Footballers and Trainers at this juncture who made their decisions without even calling us However, I thank the two associations for the actions undertaken to defend our movement.

But anger and outrage must not have the upper hand over common sense, as I consider the threat of my players and the Tavagnacco players to strike and therefore not take to the field next Saturday to dispute the final of the Italian Cup a sterile gesture and an end to himself who not only would not solve anything, but would then have serious repercussions in terms of disciplinary regulation on the two finalist companies ".

How to say after the damage also the mockery. ... and continues by saying: "I believe instead that it would lead to a far more redundant result if this gesture would be followed by other protest actions, such as the renunciation of appearing at the convocations of the senior national team in which more players from different companies are called and Domenica pv should leave for the friendly match with Japan, thus amplifying the effects of the protest that would subsequently involve Fifa and Uefa as well as obliging our Federation to have to justify itself with Japan. "

This in my opinion is an AIC that more than making the interest of the movement with "criterion" tends to make the interest of a few players and puts athletes and society in conflict, both being the fundamental part of the movement.
But the thing I can't understand is the discredit thrown against the event and the companies that organized it with reasons, in my opinion, in conflict with respect for all the players and society.

Therefore, without wanting to take anything away from the AIC for some achievements made to support the players, I believe that a little more than humility and above all respect, towards those who, like us, have always shared AIC and supports women's football since before YOU ... would also be very welcome to repurchase that part of esteem blurred due to a protagonist.

With observance,

Walter Pettinati

The poster of the event ...

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Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and author of calciodonne.it



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