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Sponsorship opportunity with GoalShouter

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goalshouter business

An excellent idea for Goalshouter to find sponsors for companies that use the famous Live scores app.

To the teams that are interested in this opportunity of revenue from sponsors (which will always remain optional) GoalShouter proposes two possible ways to find one or more sponsors and thus enrich the commercial offer.

For more information you can write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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graduate thesis-petrella14
I propose to you the reading of the degree thesis on the women's football by Massimiliano Petrella, developed on the professional experience as athletic trainer of the female Riccione. In the search for the material for the drafting of the work, Mr. Petrella availed himself of the very important collaboration of two women's football clubs which are examples of organization, management and promotion of women's soccer activities, respectively in northern Italy and southern: Graphistudio Tavagnacco and Napoli women's football Carpisa Yamamay.
The thesis deals with the following topics: The history of women's football; legal regulation; Organization and management; company activity; financial aspects; female soccer and media; examples of Italian women's soccer; foreign women's football and of course the final considerations. To read!

Download the Thesis

Calcio & Social, at the Napoli the scudetto of Facebook

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facebook2013pIn recent years we have witnessed an exponential growth of Social Media which has also had a strong influence on the communication of those women's football clubs that are always looking for greater visibility. Web sites have been transformed, in several cases, into interactive portals where Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinteres, Instagram etc etc) have assumed a decisive role for sharing of the contents and the relationship with the fans. The trend is oriented towards the use of social media but the solution lies mainly in the growth of increasingly creative and widespread content in real time, from the official websites of the company. Women's football clubs will have to be able to follow the developments in this sector to indirectly highlight their organization and activities.
With the end of the championship, deservedly won by Torres, calciodonne.it begins to draw the sum of a season that has yet to end with the national finals spring and the Italian Cup.

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Top 150 Most read articles

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Every article that is published, from the 2004 on this portal, is automatically archived on the site to give the possibility of research, of each publication, through the appropriate web search form placed on the site. The same articles are indexed by the major search engines and are equally visible, by all users who perform searches on search engines with certain keywords.
Calciodonne.it, in many years of work, has earned the attention of Google that assigns to our contents a PageRanks 5 (at the moment, since it can vary in - / +) index of a good indexing of the articles published on our site and a good degree of popularity of the site (Link popularity).
I refer to an upcoming article, the explanation on the importance of web marketing in the context of a football club's website.
For now, I show the automatic list of 150 articles most read to demonstrate, that when an article disappears from the home page of the site, is cmq traced and read over time, through search engines on the web and on the site.
You can access the list of TOP 150 - MORE BEDS from the FUNCTION menu - MORE BEDS or by clicking directly on the following link: TOP 150 ARTCOLI PLUS BEDS

Why advertise on CalcioDonne.it?

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pubblicita_cdWhy sponsor women's football and the portal of www.calciodonne.it? When in the past I have contacted potential sponsors for our portal or even to divert some sponsorship to women's football clubs, I have heard: women's football is a product that does not arouse interest, because I should advertise my company in a sector that does not collects interests or media attention? my answer will be simple, but first I want to make a brief introduction:

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