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Alice Gambarelli, a life in the balloon

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Sporting Director of Atletico Castellazzo, organizer of championships and football tournaments at 5, President of the provincial committee Opes (Sports Promotion Agency recognized by CONI) of Reggio Emilia, as well as the mother of a young player of 13 years that militates in the youth of Sassuolo and companion of the player / president Matteo Merli.
A life in the ball where she is often forced to use fingernails and teeth to be respected by a strongly masculine world and not yet ready for a figure that instead of the 13 classics wears the 10 heel and despite this it can answer in rhymes and discuss if the last action was offside or not. He takes care of the company's accounts and pampers his players with fresh fruit in the icy water during the early season's preparation in August or with his unbeatable "bomboloni" of The Burning during the winter races to recreate the players in a long time other.

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gioia_locatiSpazio Donna is an area dedicated to women who play football.
A column open to all women who want to write, ask, tell and tell each other. every topic, as long as it is managed and written by a woman for women but also for those who want to know the thoughts and sensations of a Woman.
Turning on the web, I met the blog of Gioia Locati - journalist of "the newspaper" - which tells his experience after that .... "In the fall of 2007 I discovered I had a breast cancer, since then my life has changed profoundly but not for the worse. "With hindsight" ... "
Since then Mrs. Locati has opened her blog, which I publish, for information to give a source of professional information, battles fought and experienced, investigations and information useful to all those women who have unfortunately found a cancer breast but also for those in health can keep themselves informed.

The link to the blog of the journalist Locati is as follows -> go to the blog

In addition to finding complete and exhaustive information it is also possible to write directly to the editor.

Walter Pettinati

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