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The season is coming and the team is ready to start. The captain, Francesca Salaorni, can not wait to get involved with his teammates.
Less and less at the beginning of official matches: how do you see the team? The friendly with Chievo, although lost, showed parity in the game: is it a defeat that can still give some awareness?

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Exclusive interview with Chiara Liberti, 2000 class, goalkeeper of the Torino Calcio Femminile, natural talent in soccer in pink and young emerging reality, with good prospects for a future of protagonist.
Hello Clare, first of all congratulations for the prizes as best goalkeeper obtained in the prestigious Spring Tournament "Girls Cup" in Alba at the end of April and in the Palio dei Quartieri in Rosa last week in Pianezza.

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Arrived in January, sought by several clubs in Serie A since the beginning of the season, Juliana Bisognin has chosen her home for the fourth consecutive year or the Ternana Unicusano Femminile. A shot that someone thought superfluous given the great abundance of players in pink instead the long eye of the company has shown that the number sixteen can make the difference in quality and experience in a decisive moment like that of the playoffs.

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After defending the colors of Fortitudo in the triumphal ride 2017 / 18, Francesca Salaorni begins a brief experience in Iceland. The Gialloblù central defender will play for three months in the Icelandic series B and, after this adventure, will return to Italy ready to face the challenge of the national series B with his companions.

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Three sisters, three small soccer players wearing the Gialloblù jersey: Miriam has 13 years and is the goalkeeper of the very young, Alia has 11 years and is the goalie of the rookies and Misia, central defender of chicks 2010. Thanks to Miriam Magalini, the greatest, the passion for football was born, and now all three want to carry it forward as much as possible.

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