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A story inspired by a history of young women's football published on calciodonne.it has given life to this beautiful story that I propose in 4 episodes ... good reading!

I do not deny that I felt strong emotions in Paris: when I lived in a mansard in Montmartre, I got up early to discover the first glimmers of the day, beyond the skylights, on the tops of slate roofs in the suburbs. Even in London, when I lived near Piccadilly Circus, the fog was attacking me and a morning walk amazed me, making me believe I was walking on a cloud full of rain. Yet in Rome, winter mornings are special, different from the mornings of any other city. If the weather is clear, the city is reflected in the intense blue of the fountains and the dawn, which shortens the shadows of the arcades and monuments, makes the colors of the earth and of the marble shine. Rome wakes up in an indefinite dimension, suspended between present and past, the view is so suggestive that it can make you feel a bit 'of heat even in the harshest winter.

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