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Passion for football and love for one's city are the foundations of the social project that led to the birth of "FORTITUDO NOCERINA FEMALE CALCIO". A new reality in women's football in the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese, an association that aims to create a solid binomial between football and the social.
An idea born of three friends who, with determination and determination, decided to give input to an important project related to the development of women's football on the territory.

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Enthusiasm to the stars in the small medieval village for the birth of the women's soccer team at 11.
The news was given by the manager Kevin Silvi: "finally we were able to realize this dream THANK YOU to the whole company. I know it will be a busy year, but I am sure that with the will and the desire of the management, coaches and players we will have fun . We have a very young team with some experienced girls. "
More information will be released in the coming days, obviously on calciodonne.it

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NAPLES - After the Pink Cup finals, a summer tournament that takes place in the Agnano area, we interview Giusy Moraca, a soccer player at 5 and not only, new signing of Napoli Femminile, class 1996, among the most talented in Campania concerning the his birth year, one of the promises of the South-Italy panorama. His is a return to the mother house, for she was one of the "terrible" girls of Carpisa Yamamay.

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