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Poker at Lesmo, it is a Montorfano with flakes!

Rating: 4 / 5

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Networks: Martino at 10 'and Morandi at 15' pt; Capelloni at the 31 'and Maffi at the 47' st

Lesmahagow: COLOMBO, CAMPAGNOLI, IELO (from 17 'st GONNELLA), DA MACALLE' (from 1 'st SARLO), BROGGI, SOLA (from 1' st CAZZANIGA), SIRONI (from 37 'st ORIGGI), ROMEO, COCCIMIGLIO, SALA , CIAMBRONE. Coach Elio Garavaglia. Available: Carmeli and Giustra.

montorfano: FAVA, AFRIYIE, GANDOSSI (from 36 'st ROTA), TOMASONI, GHILARDI, PREVITALI, SANTORO (from 27' st VERZELLETTI), SPINONI (from 14 'st VALLANTE), MARTINO (from 36' st MAFFI), CAPELLONI, MORANDI (from 22 'st SERLINI). Alessandro Mondini. Available: Recent.

Referee: Emad Yaakoub Eshak Mina of Sesto San Giovanni.

Notes: hot and sunny day. Synthetic grass field. Present around 50 viewers. Recovery: 2 '+ 4'.

Another good proof of the Montorfano that regulates the Lesmo practice by lowering the Poker on the synthetic of the Municipal sports center of Via Petrarca. Already after the first quarter of the Oral guests find the way of the goal twice and so put the race downhill, forcing the landlords to chase for the rest of the contest.

Big boys and companions depart compact and determined and at the 10 'take the advantage: Previtali brush in the area for Martino who tames the ball and on the right outside directs it to the far pole, where Colombo cannot reach. They spend only five minutes that the girls of Mr. Mondini double: Tomasoni launches from the rear fishing Morandi that of great career slingshot in area and beats the opposing goalkeeper with a precise conclusion to cross. After the initial skidding the landlords make themselves look dangerous ahead after the half hour. At 33 'Coccimiglio receives the sphere face to face with Fava, but wastes it by kicking the stars. Three minutes later Previtali calls Colombo to the plastic dive. On the opposite turn, Coccimiglio is still in the area at the end of a fine percussion, but the conclusion is to be forgotten. At the 40 'Martino, on the developments of a shot from the flag, receives in the sixteen meters Brianza, but his first-time slash goes beyond the crossbar. In full recovery the landlords are still very close to the goal: Ielo receives the ball in front of Fava, but the goalkeeper, pocket-sized for the guests, hypnotizes her and closes the double-delivery gate.

In the second half Elio Garavaglia immediately tries to mix the cards by inserting Sarlo and Cazzaniga instead of Sola and Da Macallé, but the music will not change that much. The Brescianos manage to manage the double advantage cleverly, preventing the local attackers from worrying too much Fava and trying with rapid reversals in front to keep on the brianzola defense. Martino heads the 9 'wise Colombo's reflexes, while at 19' Capelloni's gore on Previtali's cross is on the bottom. At the 27 'the usual Capelloni invents for Santoro who, exhausted, fails to remain lucid before the n. 1 opponent and power strip beyond the mirror. Mister Mondini thus begins the swirl of substitutions to make his players catch up. Vallante, Serlini, Verzelletti, Rota and Maffi will enter in sequence for Spinoni, Morandi, Santoro, Gandossi and Martino. The heat takes away sprints from both teams, but at 31 'Capelloni finds the lucidity to conclude on the net from a few steps, at the end of a valuable exchange with Previtali and thus puts the mortgage on the three points. In full recovery, however, there is also glory for Maffi, who arrogantly steals the sphere from Broggi, presents himself in front of Colombo and surpasses it with a surgical low shot. A beautiful and encouraging victory. Three days after the end of the tournament, the Franciacorta wines can still remove a few pebbles from the shoe.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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