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Brescia defeated with regrets, the derby goes to the Rovato

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The landlords win 3-1 at the end of a race with many opportunities wasted Gold: "We learn from our mistakes.The game is there, the finalization is missing" Pedemonti: "The group is united, let's get back immediately"
It's always difficult to comment on matches of this kind, where you play the game most of the time, you collect a dozen goal balls, five with the man in front of the goalkeeper, and at the end you are forced to chew bitterly for a defeat that it burns a lot.

Because in a derby, because against a very strong opponent and credited for the victory of the championship that certainly these gifts do not need. Now the Brescia must start again with even more grit and malice and take advantage of this unfortunate experience to return to success from the next game. At the 90 'the Rovato wins 3-1 thanks to Martino's double and the penalty of Capelloni; for Brescia he had temporarily shortened Farina's distance.

Mister Oro at the start must do without the Cogoli and Dolfini steerards, in addition to Inverardi absent for personal reasons: he must then redesign the team and opts for a 4-4-2 with Pizzetti and Brevi al
center of defense with Belussi on the left wing and Bocchi hijacked on the right side of midfield. In attack the tested couple formed by Zangari and Brayda.

The race is balanced and the first scoring opportunity comes to the minute 8 for the landlords, with Lorenzi shooting high from a good position. At 16 'fear for Magri who stumbles on the ball and falls
bad on the elbow: the worst is feared but the midfielder gets bandaged and returns to the field. In the evening assessments to assess the extent of the problem, but it does not seem anything serious. At 21 'the first episode that marks the game: Brevi extends his arms on Capelloni at the edge of the area, the contact seems venial but the attacker goes down and the referee Ratti whistles the penalty that the same number 10 achieves with coldness. Brescia does not break down and pours into the opposing half: at the 23 'Magri tries from distance but the conclusion is high; at 27 'opens the series of unbelievable opportunities not materialized, the first is Zangari that face to face with Fava is hypnotized. At the 31 'the doubling of the Rovato on remittance action with Martino, who taken in offside position, fires Gilardi. Veil the protests of the whiteblue bench: Mr. Gold has a heated debate with the race director who expels him, is also warned Dolfini for protests. It could be already
the epilogue of a heated and nervous race, instead the Leonesses do not fall down and collect other clear scoring opportunities between the 40 'and the 43' all on the feet of Brayda but lacks lucidity after
so much travel.
At the beginning of the recovery Brescia is back in the field even more determined and determined to put the game back on its feet, with the Rovato that can act as a remittance: at the 10 'clamorous opportunity for Captain Guerini who
you, with the opposing goalkeeper, can not angulate the conclusion; two minutes later comes the deserved goal that reopens the race of Farina, good and collect the ball rejected by the post on the
conclusion of Guerini. The Rovato now suffers and Brescia believes in the incredible comeback: at the 16 'Citaristi has the chance to equalize but can not finish cleanly, and at the 25' a
another episode that will discuss: Brayda leaves on the left and is landed in the area.

The referee initially assigns the penalty, then changes his mind and even decides for the throw-in. A minute later, the second goal from Martino arrives, which on the restart puts the far corner where Gilardi can not reach. But even after this beating the Leonessas give up and start to push: at 27 'Magri tries again from afar, but without luck, the 30' still an arbitration choice challenged: Brayda off the head and clearly anticipates the goalkeeper, the ball is put in goal but the referee whistles a foul on the non-existent goalkeeper. The minutes pass, the hot heat weakens the forces but the Brescia continues to press: at the 34 'Fumagalli goes to the rebound on the goalkeeper out but the ball comes out of a whisker, and four minutes later still a good ball for Citaristi but luck is not it's on the side of the Leonesses. Before the final whistle there is still time for a conclusion of Pasquali high on the crossbar and another face-to-face Zangari with the goalkeeper but the striker is lost in too much dribbling and loses the time for the bar.

So it ends, with so much anger and as many regrets for a game that, occasions in hand, could definitely go differently.
Mister Oro analyzes it like this: "Sorry, because losing when you create so many clear occasions to score really burns a lot. Then congratulations to them that they are a beautiful team, then there are
of disputable episodes. But I must say that the performance was there, otherwise we would not have created so much. The reaction has also been there, the one we did not have in Milan against
Minerva. So we have to do as after that game, learn from our mistakes and from these games. The championship is difficult, there are teams equipped and we have to counter them by putting
in the field our qualities, the grit, the game ". Just the game, the performance is the point from which to start: "Yes, on that I can not blame the girls, I saw some good things. I saw my team create a lot but do not finalize. We will work on it by force ".

Chiara Pedemonti spoke to the girls: "It went like this, we can not do anything about it now. We just have to learn from this game and start even stronger. We lacked cynicism below
door and the only thing that can be said is this ". The team's reaction was important after the double disadvantage: "The group is united and in the field we have seen. Each of us played for the
companion, we ran twice as much. For me it was very nice. Let's start from here ".

Networks: pt 22 'Capelloni rig (M), 31' Martino (M); st 12 'Flour (B), 26' Martino (M)

ROVATO: Fava, Belotti (28'st Camplani), Gandossi (20'st Rota), Tomasoni, Pievani (38'st Maffi),
Previtali, Santoro (48'st Piona), Lorenzi, Martino, Capelloni, Morandi. (Perrone, Afriyie, Tanzini,
Spinoni). All.Alessandro Mondini

BRESCIA: Gilardi; Pedemonti, Brevi, Pizzetti, Belussi (1'st Ferrari); Bocchi (37'st Pasquali),
Magri, Guerini (28'st Fumagalli), Flour (13'st Citaristi); Brayda, Zangari. (Cancarini, Dolfini,
Algisi). All.Alessandro Oro
Referee: Igor Ratti (Brescia)

Notes Ammonite: Lorenzi, Martino, Rota, Brevi, Dolfini (from the bench)
Expelled: mister Alessandro Oro at 32'pt for protests.
Recovery: pt 2 ', st 4'

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