Monday, August 19 2019
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Asia Algisi, the fifth year in Brescia is worth debut in the first team

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Class 2002, does not hide his happiness: "I am overcooked, I did not expect it". Right outside and if necessary even half-wing, the fans say: "Trust in us"

BRESCIA, 8 AUGUST 2018 - Another young Leonessina joins the First Team led by Mr. Alessandro Oro in view of the start of the season that will see Brescia Calcio Femminile face the new championship of Excellence: it is Asia Algisi.
16 years the next 16 October, Asia - which is preparing to live the fifth year with the shirt of the Lionesses - does not hide to have been surprised when the sports director Cristian Peri has communicated the will of the company to bring it in the First Team: " I was really expecting it, I'm honest, I thought I would still be a year in the spring, I'm overwhelmed by this opportunity, the fact that there will be many friends with me who will take part in the championship of excellence gives me great satisfaction ".

Asia is born as an offensive outside, even if in the last season it was often back in the role of half-wing: "The role is certainly not a problem - he says - I am available to the coach because I will have
just to learn from a similar opportunity. I can not wait to start. It will be a tough season, a challenging championship. But I'm sure that if we give our best, everything will be fine and we will do it
a good championship ".
She also dedicates a thought to the fans: "To our supporters I ask to be close to us, to incite us with their choirs as they have always done, they give us a unique charge, they encourage us so much." Trust in us, we will not let you down "

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