Friday, September 20 2019
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Gaia Farina: "let's bring the Brescia where it deserves"

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The young jolly offensive of the BCF prepares debut in the First Team "I can not wait to start, we will fight for the summit"

BRESCIA, 6 AUGUST 2018 - With its 15 years (16 will be the 8 October) Gaia Farina is one of the youngest Leonesses available to Mr. Alessandro Gold for the next season of Lombardy Excellence. Jolly offensive, can hold both the role of advanced midfielder and that of attacking offensive, has clear ideas on the way to go next season.

"The feelings are certainly positive, because I have full confidence in the coach and in the company that this year has built an important and competitive rose of which I am extremely happy to
be part of it. I can not wait to start this new adventure, because I have so many motivations, a great desire to do well to bring back the Brescia where it deserves to stay ".

In her fifth year as a Leonessa, Gaia addressed a thought for the fans of the BCF: "I'm sure they will continue to follow us and support us as they have always done, not only the First Team but also the youths. of the last season of the Primavera championship.This year we will need it more than ever ".

Then, a personal consideration: "I am one of the youngest members of the group, my goal is to grow up, learning from the most experienced companions that will have a lot to give to the younger ones.
I wish to carve out an important role in such a competitive team and with many high-level girls and I am sure that next season we will fight for the top positions "

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