Thursday, May 21 2015
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Dolphins Virgin Mary - Feminine Marsala: the fourth in the championship

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Sunday 3 February, at the Campo Rosolino the Cicero of Palermo, the girls of the Virgin Mary Dolphins will meet the Feminine Marsala of Mister Anteri. The race, scheduled for 15.00 hours, will be valid for the fourth day of the championship of Excellence in Sicily.

Mister Moschera's team after a heavy defeat away against Catania Women, is already working to better prepare the race on Sunday. The all-new team of the Palermo team is definitely lacking from the physical point of view and experience. Precisely for this reason, Mister Moschera, flanked by the athletic trainer Giovanni Faraci, are trying to grow and train the girls according to their current skills and conditions. A task that is not easy, but entrusted to people with the skills and experience of the aforementioned, can make a good journey of growth and learning accomplished without haste and in small steps.

The Feminine Marsala has instead rested in the last round of the season. The team played the last game on January 13 against Monreale Calcio, leaders of the standings. The match ended 1-3 has decreed the defeat at home for the Marsala.

The match next Sunday will therefore be very important as the possible outcome will bring significant changes in the ranking.
We always cheer for our girls of the Virgin Mary, hoping that these can bring home the first victory of the season. Great effort and sacrifice will certainly be needed.

Press Officer - Women's Delfini VM
Gabriella Gaudiano

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