Sunday, November 17 2019
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Towards the end the first round of CF Marsala

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After two weeks of training, and the missing match last Sunday against Scordia, who had retired from the Serie C regional championship, Cf Marsala is preparing for the last game of the first leg, on Sunday at 15: 00, at the stadium municipal district of Misilmeri. In the last game, against the Acese, thanks to the Eurogol of Casano and lots of willpower, the Marsalese have managed to bring home another point, consolidating the second place in the standings and also the desire to finish well this group, to start the next one better.

A tenacious Marsala, that of the technician Valeria Anteri and of the president Giuseppe Chirco, who does not give up despite the difficulties of staff. In fact, you will have to resort to the help of the bench, due to many injured players, including the extreme defender Serena Sabella, who can not yet defend the blue door.
"Many of my girls are injured - said Valeria Anteri - and there will certainly be important absences, but this does not scare me. I have a large staff, able to replace the best of any player. I do not expect an easy match, because in my opinion Don Carlo Misilmeri is the revelation of this championship, including one of the most feared for his young, but at the same time rich in experience. We had two weeks to prepare for this match, because as we know Scordia has closed its doors, and as always we will try to bring home the best result possible. "

Cristina Casano, CF Marsala - Acese

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