On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Vis Pesaro Calcio Femminile, Lee and Venerandi sign the victory over Orvieto

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Closing the first round is Vis Vis Soccer Calcio, thanks to an irrepressible Giulia Lee, and the rigor of Venerandi captains, against Orvieto, to which the stamp of Antonini is not enough, thus reaching the second step in the ranking . Windy Sunday at Gino Vitali of Villa Fastiggi, several attempts by the red and white who seek the way of the goal with Marchionni, Cinti and Jimenez but Antimi is to defuse.

At the 34 'after the right-footed out, Antonini takes the measurements and, with a shot from the edge, catches Bailetti at the near post. In the second stage the Pesaro team builds better plots, nothing is relevant until 21 ', when Lee invents a trip from the 35 meters that he slips to the left of the goalkeeper.

The Lee show continues also in the following minutes, a couple of kicks from the distance, they call in Antimi that nothing can do at 45'quando Venerandi proposes in the heart of the area for the young median who draws in time steals and slips for goal of the advantage. To close the games Cinti then thinks, who wins a penalty, Venerandi captain goes to the bar that he leads the ball well and celebrates together with his companions the definitive 3-1.

To review the experiences in the field, we will have to wait until the 24 March in the home race with Picchi San Giacomo.

Networks: 34'Antonini, 21'st and 45 'Lee, 49' Venerandi (rig.).

VIS PESARO FEMALE FOOTBALL: Bailetti, Gambini, Marcucci, Ferri, Santi, Venerandi, Jimenez Valentina, Lee, Cinti, Livi, Marchionni. To avail. Maroccini, Radi, Magnoni, Jimenez Isabella, Capriotti, Cataluffi, Bellucci, Romanini, Venturini. Daniele Orazi All.

ORVIETO: Antimi, Provenzani, Medori, Anselmi, Antonini, Lorenzotti, Gentileschi, Binnella, Babei Nicoleta, Babei Larisa, Celentano. A avail Corradini, Brunori, Rocchi, Menichetti, Biazzi. All.Pettinelli.

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