Monday, August 19 2019
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Vis Pesaro Women's Football, tomorrow between the walls of S. Sabina

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Another chapter for the Vis Pesaro Calcio Femminile, the ladies will be confronted Sunday 27 January on the sixth day of the Umbria Excellence Championship with the S. Sabina, distant in the standings only one length from the red and white, 14.30 hours Perugia field.

Meanwhile, the young vis U15 take the field at the extra Benelli Saturday 26 January 17.30 hours with Perugia, while the U12 observes the rest turn. "After the defeat in the Cup, we are focused on the challenge with S. Sabina, -confessed the playmaker Alessia Ferri- team we met last season.We are waiting for a difficult race, but we must not miss the attention and a proactive mentality, that has failed in the last match, too many mistakes made, we can not afford it ".

Alessia Ferri, eighteen year old from Urbino, fifth year at the ITIS in Urbino, passionate about football for three years, from an external attacker she turned into a median. "I played football with my little cousins, once I knew about the existence of this team, I immediately decided to come to the Vis. After swimming, gym and taekwondo, football is the first sport that I practice at a competitive level, for me is a vent, I really enjoy it, I hope I can practice it as long as possible I am Juventus fan and my idol is Dybala, I also follow the women's soccer between Serie A and National TV, then also Vis Pesaro. my dreams there is the desire to wear the shirt of Juventus Feminine, it would be fantastic ". The Vis Pesaro Calcio Femminile will be hosted on Wednesday 6 February in the transmission "Passion Football Female" RTV San Marino 520 SKY channel or 73 Digital Terrestrial. On the other hand, the 2019 Vis Pesaro Calcio Femminile calendar is available.

Dr. Veronica Lisotti
Sports Journalist

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