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pompignoli danieleDaniele Pompignoli, Ravenna 1982. Publicist journalist. For 15 years he worked with a men's soccer company in Serie D as a press officer before and later also as an administrator. He wrote about sports from 2009 to September 2015 for the newspaper "La Voce di Romagna". From October 2015 I follow football matches for the "Corriere di Ravenna".

He loves sport because it is one of the ways that can allow us to realize our dreams. After years in close contact with the world of male amateur sport I started to follow the women's football with interest and curiosity because over the last two years she has gained the conviction that she deserves to carve out a larger space in our country and among the media , as indeed happens abroad. "Every day there are girls who come out to chase their dream and their passion and it's nice to see the movement grow."

He likes to find stories that nobody talks about and often tends to relegate to a corner of some internal page of a newspaper. He likes to try to read the numbers also because of his main job, which is the accountant. He does not believe that math can explain football, because (fortunately!) It is a discipline with human variables like passion, heart, luck and determination, but they can always give some very interesting and curious ideas.

When he can try to find and tell the stories of those who live "in the shadows" or of those who ended up after having a story that is worth telling and keeping alive.

Among his creations there is the book "Un Diretto dal Sud" (2014-Walberti Editore) concerning the history of the railway disaster of Castel Bolognese of 1962 and "Cuore Orange" (2015-Capit Edizioni) that traces the history of the Union Russian Sports.

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pirola lucia16A young pen arrives at our editorial office, a girl who loves sports and football and who manages to tell us, with passion and love, the stories of women's football ...:

"I'm Lucia Pirola, I have 21 years, I study sociology at the university in Milan.
I love football in all its forms, I love watching games, I love the atmospheres that fill the stadiums, the unpredictability of each match. But above all, I love playing football.
I started playing when I was 10 years old, and I currently play in a women's football team at 7 newly promoted in Serie A of the CSI.
I follow assiduously the news and especially the stories related to football, especially in the field of women's football, national and world ".

Welcome to Lucia ..

Walter Pettinati

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beatrice redsLet's start the presentation of the individual employees of calciodonne with ...
Beatrice Rossi was born in Brescia in 1991 where she obtained first her high school diploma and then a degree in modern philology from the Catholic University. Next to the books, however, there is always a ball. Between the football played and the countless games seen on TV or in the fields of the province (and some points to S. Siro) comes the desire to combine the greatest passions: football and writing.
Contacted by CalcioWomen in September 2014 takes care of the Twitter page, reporting the rankings and interacting with the followers, now reaching over 1400 units.

CalcioDonne has made it possible to follow and closely comment on some of the Italian national team's qualifying matches in the last world cup and the Brescia Women's Champions League debut, with interviews with the players.

Romantic authenticity of football and sport in general, follows the all-round women's football because it is convinced that it still pervades an aura of uncontamination from the ugliness of the "football of the great" and is also the bearer of almost heroic values ​​such as sacrifice and dispassionate dedication.

The same values ​​that led the great Gianni Brera to define it: "the most beautiful game in the world".

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Gianessi-ceccarelliThe editor of is pleased to announce the arrival of two new collaborators. Mattia Gianessi & Lorenzo Ceccarelli are two young university students with a passion for sport and women's football, which blossomed in the tribunes of the "Dei Pini" stadium in Milano Marittima with the Riviera di Romagna.
Mattia and Lorenzo will officially follow, for, the American championship, in particular the "National Women's Soccer League" with approndimenti on the companies, athletes, regulations, results, rankings and times of the matches live on web tv.



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