Friday, April 3, 2015
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Under 19: Tavagnacco - Fiammamonza 1 - 0

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The first round goes to the Graphistudio In the first leg of the quarter finals of the Primavera tournament the Graphistudio exceeds the Fiammamonza. And he wins thanks to a goal by Mauro, realized after 15 ', born from an invention by Chiarvesio that finds the right way to launch the striker to the net. And she, Ilaria Mauro, finds herself ready and striking. The game, conditioned by the heavy terrain of the Tavagnacco Comunale, sees in any case the leading Graphistudio. Despite the opponents prove well covered in each department, are the landlords to do the race. Pezzarini and then Cucchiaro tried to score the first goal, a few minutes after the kick-off, but in both circumstances the Fiammamonza goalkeeper was not surprised. Continue the game, with the Gialloblù ready to invent and careful defense to cover the assaults of Ravesi, without too many jitters. Only in the final minutes of the meeting Monza tries to react by making its offensive action more incisive. But on the occasion more greedy for the Lombard Mareschi takes a foot and foils the danger. Nothing is yet decided however, and in the challenge next Sunday, in Lombardy, the Graphistudio will have to prove to deserve the semifinal of the tournament. A company that seems difficult on paper, but Mr. Cossaro will also have one more weapon available Sara Gama, who was busy today with the national team ahead of Wednesday's meeting against Ireland in Dublin. Goals: 15 'pt Mauro Graphistudio: Mareschi, Fantoni, Chiarvesio, Ilic, Lorenzi, Simeoni, Martina, Cucchiaro (37' st Pividori), Mauro, Stabile (31 'st Zuliani), Pezzarini (1'st Angioletti). - All. Cossaro Fiammamonza: Ferraro, Franchin (47 'st Marchese), Candi, Zambetti, Gagliardi, Gresia, Russo, Confalonieri (25' st Nardi), Sansonetti (6 'st Missaglia), Ravasi (29' st Ceresa), Schoolboy (22 pt Mugavero). - All. Ciofi Referee: Giordano di Udine For more information Press officer Graphistudio Erica Beltrame 347 / 0399767 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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