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A history of betting in Italy

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Trying to write a history of betting in Italy is not easy. Surely there is that the origin of this phenomenon is lost in the mists of time. In ancient Rome it was customary to bet money on the outcome of the clashes between gladiators.
Not to mention the medieval jousting.
Taking a big leap up to the present day, we can indicate the 1946 as the first noteworthy date.

Italy has just emerged from a conflict that has committed it for five years and has created deep wounds both in the population and in the territory. One of the first signs of a return to a normal life is the restart of football. And with the first goals the first coupons also arrive. However, the name Totocalcio will be coined two years later.
The mechanism of the new game is quite simple: the bettor must guess the outcome of a match between two teams. There are only three choices: victory for the home team, indicated on the ticket by the 1 sign, draw, X mark, success of the away club, 2 sign.
The popularity is immediate, so much so that the terms "1X2" become part of the common talk and seventy years later even the Italian Post Office will dedicate a stamp to that game that has kept millions of Italians on championship Sundays with bated breath.
But the real turning point occurs half a century later, in the 1998, when fixed-odds sports bets are authorized. Only four years go by, 2002, and the legislator's OK also comes for telephone and online bets.
It is the turning point. The growth of players and bet numbers is constant. So much so that on Saturday 9, with the advances of the Serie A football championship, and Sunday 10 April 2005 make their debut in the menu available to the players the new formulas of Live betting related to sporting events. What is the outcome of that first weekend of real-time betting that brings the Italian betting industry closer to the Anglo-Saxon one? A net inflow of just under 70.000 euros.
In the 2013 it is therefore the turn of virtual orders.
Finally, thanks also to technological improvements, from 2015 onwards online bets have surpassed those placed in agencies scattered a little throughout Italy. As evidence of what has just been written here are the latest data available on the 2017: in the first eleven months of the year, from January to November, the physical agencies collected just over 3,9 billion euros, while the AAMS authorized online operators reached share 5,2 billion euros.

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