Friday, April 3, 2015
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Support kick-shoe projects

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He goes online every day for over 20 years as a rare talent bomber. We talk about, the newspaper directed by Giancarlo Padovan and his collaborators who over the years have alternated and others who have remained loyal to the projects and the spirit of solidarity of the undersigned editor who always and every day dedicates hours of his working time to update the 18.000 news in the archive with the live results of the championships to expand the database of all competitive statistics. An information point and a showcase for athletes and companies and a center for the collection of dreams and expectations without ever deluding its readers and protagonists with false promises. 3.000 unique visits per day, 20 social / directory profiles and good indexing on search engines. All without any public funding.

In addition to the promotion of women's football and the battle with the sound of demonstrations and petitions, at home footballs there are many projects to be realized and many young people capable and willing to get involved. We want to give a healthy chance to these young people and to all those people who approach the sport by marrying the women's football movement. Women's football as a means of spreading sporting principles that were full of loyalty and sporting respect to be carried forward with pride and optimism.

To maintain our independence, "calciodonne group" needs the precious contribution of its readers and maybe some sponsors who want to match their image to our projects. This is why we have created a page where our whole community can help to carry out our project.

You can support kickbacks using both credit card payments via Paypal, or by bank transfer for sponsorships after contacting our office.

This link shows the projects to be implemented:

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