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The Chieti women's football takes Aprilia away and celebrates its second away win

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The Chieti Calcio Femminile wins the second away win of the championship against the Aprilia Racing Feminine thanks to an excellent performance. The team of coach Lello Di Camillo plays a careful game and often puts the opponents on the ropes winning at the end 2-1 with goals from Benedetti and Vukcevic.

After the great success with Sant'Egidio at home, therefore the neroverdi take three other points that allow them to climb to 25 altitude. Missing only one day at the end of the season and, after a definitely positive second round, there is to be satisfied for the journey done.

Mister Lello Di Camillo deploys his players with a sort of 4-3-3 with Falcocchia between the posts, four defense with de Vincentiis, Gangemi, Di Sebastiano and Coscia, midfield with Giada Di Camillo on the right, Di Domizio central and La Morning on the left, attack with Vukcevic tip, Scioli outside right and Benedetti outside left.

The first quarter of an hour of the match is neroverde brand with some excellent sorties forward by Benedetti.

At the fifth minute Benedetti from the wing puts a great ball on the edge of the area, Giada Di Camillo pulling into the running hitting the crossbar.

A few minutes after a photocopy action with Benedetti crossing in the center, the ball crosses the entire door mirror, but Scioli is slightly behind the second post.

The goal is in the air and arrives on time at the 22 ': on the developments of an action all in depth in the central part of the field, Giada Di Camillo serves Vukcevic who sees the insertion of Benedetti, the latter manages to touch the ball anticipating the goalkeeper.

Chieti continues to keep the pace high. A few minutes after the goal, it was Scioli who had the big chance of doubling, but hit the post in full.

The Aprilia in the first half has only a couple of opportunities in the final part of time following slight defensive indecision of the neroverdi, but in both it is good Falcocchia to exit promptly and close the mirror of his door well. We therefore go to rest with the Chieti in advantage for 1-0.

The second half starts with a draw by the home team at 3 ': on a vertical throw there is some hesitation of the neroverde defense and Galluzzi snaps on the offside thread making Falcocchia off with a nice lob in the running. The Chieti, however, returns to the advantage at the 21 ': disruptive action of an impregnable Benedetti that enters the area, supports the ball to Vukcevic who at the limit makes out two opponents horizontally and lowers the far post to score a great goal.

At half an hour the Aprilia takes advantage of a penalty: the ball is lost on the edge of the area, Falcocchia goes out on the house player and puts it down, even being warned. On the diskette goes Biasotto but takes the post, the ball returns to the field and, after a furious scrum, is removed from the Neroverde defense.

Two minutes later the Chieti, after the great fear, has the occasion to close the accounts: Scioli is landed in the area, the referee assigns the penalty, but Vukcevic pulls out with the ball that hisses the pole to the left of the goalkeeper.

At 35 'Biasotto is expelled, leaving Aprilia in ten.

The Chieti firmly controls the match and also has two other good opportunities with Vukcevic and one with Giada Di Camillo, but nothing done.

In the minutes of recovery, Aprilia claims another penalty for a doubtful episode in the neroverde area: Colecchi, who entered the field in place of Di Domizio for a few minutes, goes to counter an opponent on a short corner fund, but the referee does not revise the details for the granting of the penalty. 2-1 therefore ends for Chieti, which celebrates a victory that is both beautiful and convincing.

Post-match impressions of Mister Lello Di Camillo:

"It's a deserved victory, it's all there: if we had been more cynical we would have capitalized even more, especially in the early part of the race. There could also be a few extra goals.

I am satisfied with the team, it is traveling well: we wanted to conquer three points to give another face to our ranking and we succeeded. Like last week, some girls played two games in two days, but they did their best. We are holding up the field both athletically and physically. There may be some blunder because our defense has been changed several times this year and therefore has not played all the games together. We hope to end the season with another victory to bring 28 home points at the end: given how we were put at the end of the first round, it would be a great result. It was a good race: we have adapted to all the difficulties we had to face with so much effort. We all paddled together on the same side and the points arrived.

Too bad for some other points left on the street, but I'm happy with our journey.

We now have a good base on which to be able to start next season ".

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer

Piero Vittoria

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