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San Marino Academy, victory in extremis with Bologna

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On a cool and sunny afternoon, an ideal spring prologue, the San Marino Academy hosts in Acquaviva - in its penultimate regular season home match - the Bologna of the former Mastrovincenzo and Mainardi, in white and blue during the last Serie B championship before the reform.

The challenge betrays in the early stages the hoped-for balance in the field, with the ordered and compact fines in defense - organized by Cino in an 4-4-2 in which even Mastrovincenzo, in the phase of non-possession, significantly lowers to assist the median in interdiction work -. However, it is the San Marino Academy that takes the lead in the operations with greater conviction, as evidenced by the left from the Deidda limit - triggered by Baldini - or the subsequent double attempt in the area by Barbieri and Rigaglia, with a decisive intervention by Lauria.

Not that Bologna is watching, far from it: the rossoblu give continuous signs of liveliness, often passing by the cues of Mastrovincenzo, but they have the defect of never reaching the goal on goal in the first quarter of an hour. Minutage that fixes the home advantage: Barbieri handles a complicated ball to the greatest, resisting Mainardi's pressure and then offering it to the lightning speed of Rigaglia. The other ex in the field burns the direct opponent, bypassing the low exit of Lauria before leaning at the bottom of the bag with left-handed.

The Emilians react immediately to the disadvantage immediately, they earn a free kick from the 20 meters entrusted to the left-handed man of Casile. The ballistic solution of the central defensive is almost perfect, except for nocking on the lower side of the transverse with Montanari protracted in plunge. Having escaped the danger, the San Marino Academy almost doubled at the 22 'with Barbieri: the Turin striker - who appeared to be in very great condition - set up on his own, challenging and overcoming Nozzi in one against one before releasing a left-handed Lauria defuses in two times, denying the current Rigaglia the tap-in from two steps.

The boys of Cino are fully in the game and demonstrate it at the 23 'with Mainardi, able to unload at the 20 meters for Mastrovincenzo, who kicks high just over the San Marino crossbar. No one imagined that this would be the last game of the Punta Felsinea, forced to leave by accident shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, the San Marino Academy continues to grind the game, creating the conditions for the well-deserved 2-0 with Baldini and especially Rigaglia. On the first occasion, Barbieri rewards the inclusion of the blue-white striker behind Pacella: the right one on the first ball is however inaccurate. As well as Rigaglia's lob against the half hour. A sensational opportunity for the ex-shift. Which steals the ball from Nozzi and opts for the effect solution that ends high by a whisker, greeted with barely concealed disappointment by the San Marino bench that preached more concreteness in such a tempting situation.

Lack of cynicism that the San Marino Academy risked paying dearly to the 36 ', when Cocchi's cross caught Zanetti in the heart of the penalty area. The 2002 class attacker's on-the-fly turn was over a high breath, with Montanari out of action.

The route incident is not set up and the landlords arrive with doubling about three minutes later, closing an action that highlights the extraordinary quality of the blue-white trident: a splendid combination in the strait between Barbieri and Baldini, with this quest 'last to cross from the bottom to the second post where Rigaglia only has to deposit the ball at the bottom of the bag and let himself go to a liberating exultation that also costs her the yellow card.

This time Bologna blames the blow and risks the collapse on the umpteenth plot set by Conte's attack, with Baldini putting a ball in the center of a ball that Rigaglia has entrusted to Barbieri's right - neutralized by Lauria -. It is the last thrill of a lively first half - and San Marino Academy - convincing, closed with a deserved double advantage by the hosts who earn the strong locker room of the brace of the overflowing Aliso Rigaglia.

The music seems to change in the second half, inaugurated by Bologna with Arcamone for Marcanti and above all by the network of Antolini who frees from the distance a powerful left whose trajectory surprises Montanari and reopens to all effects the challenge of Acquaviva. The San Marino Academy manages with personality the subsequent minutes of understandable Bolognese exaltation, compacting and risking little or nothing on the defensive stage.

Conte recalls Lanotte, inserting Menin for a last half hour in which even the physicality of the blue-white captain can be decisive for the outcome. Not on the effects of the free-kick taken at the 65 'from the central breakthrough of Mainardi and kicked by Casile in the heart of the penalty area: Nozzi's head comes out in the fray anticipating all, including Montanari, bagging the 2-2 point.

Now the inertia is definitely overturned and Bologna also has the ball to complete the incredible comeback to the 74 'with Minelli, able to break away from the marking on the back cross of Zanetti. The left-handed conclusion from a short distance is too soft to overcome a careful Montanari. A minute later, the San Marino Academy touches the third goal, with Barbieri's pressure on the Lauria that ends up kicking them, but without consequent. Thus we enter the final quarter of an hour of an extraordinarily lively and amusing game, with Conte throwing Nicolini and Mariotti into the fray.

In the last few minutes there are no real opportunities on both sides, except the one that promises to decide the game: on Lauria's postponement, Menin retrieves the ball in advance and flies towards the area where she is overwhelmed by an opponent. For the referee, it is a penalty: Baldini, who crosses with the right, takes charge. Lauria is on the right side but cannot get on the angled bark of the blue-white striker, who brings forward the San Marino Academy to expired time.

The recovery is perfect management of the ball for the San Marino Academy that keeps its distance on the Pontedera, extending instead on the Perugia - next opponent to Curi - who loses with the San Paolo and slips to -7 from the summit, still the responsibility of the girls of Alain Conte who now see the finish line three games away.

Series C | San Marino Academy - Bologna 3-2

Montanari; Micciarelli (from 75 'Nicolini), Montalti, Venturini, Piergallini; Cecchini (from 75 'Mariotti), Deidda; Baldini, Lanotte (from the 60 'Menin), Rigaglia; Barbieri (from 90 '+ 2' Ross)
Available: Ghidetti, Paganelli, Rossi, Innocenti, Casali, Piazza
Coach: Alain Conte

BOLOGNA [4-4-2]
Lauria; Pacella, Nozzi, Casile, Simone; Cocchi (from 56 'Minelli), Marcanti (from 46' Arcamone), Mainardi, Antolini; Abouziane (from 90 '+ 2' Pallotta), Mastrovincenzo (from 27 'Zanetti)
Available: Bassi, Rondelli, Perna
Coach: Fabio Cino

Referee: Simone D'incecco from Perugia
Assistants: Andrea Caruso and Simone Babboni of Rimini
Markers: 14 ', 39' Rigaglia, 46 'Antolini, 66' Nozzi, 90 '+ 1' rig. Baldini
Ammonites: Rigaglia

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