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Italian Cup: Wednesday Naples - Salento

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A company was needed at Salento Women Soccer to win a positive result on the field of the leaders Naples and the Giallorossi have hit the target at the end of a painful and tactically well played match with the resources available. And yes, because on Sunday some missing pieces from the staff of Salento were missing, starting with the top scorer Serena D'Amico, and then again the Spanish midfielder Munoz and three defenders of the caliber of Guido, Viva and Zaccaria.

The response of the Giallorossi was of the important ones, Cucurachi and his young team mates held their own against the Neapolitan battleship, gaining a precious point that served to reopen the games at the top of the standings considering that now Napoli has only three points ahead on the pursuers Grifone Gialloverde and Ludos Palermo. The race for the playoffs therefore promises to be glowing.

The Salento Women Soccer, which holds the fourth place in the standings, will host the Sant'Egidio municipal of Collepasso next Sunday. At home, however, the attentions are concentrated on the comparison of the Coppa Italia on Wednesday 13 March: in the return of the quarter-finals, D'Amico and companions will once again face Napoli. The challenge for access to the semifinals will be played starting from the 15 hours at the CUS in Naples. The forward match is over 1-1.

We remember the rules of the competition: "The teams that, at the end of the second leg, have scored the greatest total number of goals in the two matches or, in the case of a tie in the overall networks, the highest number of goals in away.

The number of goals scored on the road is also equal, the teams will play two extra times of 15 minutes each. If, during the two extra times, the two teams score the same number of goals, the goals scored away are worth double (that is, the team that plays outside the home gets the qualification). If no goal is scored during the two extra times, the referee shall have penalties thrown, in the manner prescribed by the "Rules of the Football Game" in the paragraph: "Procedures for determining the winning team of a match".

Results (seventeenth day): Sant'Egidio-Aprilia 7-1; Gryphon-Chieti 2-0; Apulia Trani-Pescara 0-0; Ludos Palermo-Potenza 6-0; Naples-Salento Women Soccer 0-0; New Team-Vapa Naples postponed.

Ranking: Naples Female 46; Ludos Palermo, Grifone Gialloverde 43; Salento Women Soccer 35; Sant'Egidio 30; Pescara 22; Aprilia 16; Vapa Napoli 14; Chieti 13; Apulia Trani 12; San Marco 7; 0 power.

Next round (seventeenth day - 17 March): Salento Women Soccer-Sant'Egidio; Chieti-New Team; Pescara-Napoli; Gialloverde Griffon - Ludos Palermo; Potenza-Apulia Trani; Vapa Virtus Napoli-Aprilia.

Serie C - Seventeenth day

Napoli Female 0
Salento Women Soccer 0

Female Naples: Del Pizzo, Schioppo, Asta, Russo (2 'st Cutillo), Di Marino, Risina, Massa (30' st De Paula), Kubassova, Sibilio, Tammik, Bannikova. On the bench: Ruotolo, De Rosa, De Biase. Geppino Marino coach.
Salento Women Soccer: Mariano; Sozzo, Felline, Ouacif, Costadura; Coluccia, Cucurachi, Pinto, Cazzato; Vitti (16 'st Lazoi; 45' Bruno), Durante. On the bench: Errico, Aprile, Alfieri. Vera Indino trainer.
Referee: Bocchini di Roma.
Notes: spectators about 150. Ammonita: Di Marino (N). Recovery: pt 2 ', st 4'.

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