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A remodeled Salento Women Soccer does not go to Chieti

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Second consecutive draw for Salento Women Soccer: in Chieti finishes 1-1. However, a result that does not reflect the real progress of the match. The Giallorossi, although lacking the likes of D'Amico, top scorer in the league with 30 goal, Munoz, Guido and Viva, and Coluccia, Bruno, Sozzo and Pinto took to the field in precarious physical conditions, dominated the opponents from start at the end of the game failing an incredible series of opportunities from the network with Sozzo, Coluccia, Cazzato, Bruno and Cucurachi.

"It was a pity that we could not count on the complete team," said the coach Vera Indino. "We missed most of the finalization, for the rest we have quietly controlled the game so much so that our goalkeeper has been practically inactive. of the field and I am convinced that this match will serve as an experience for all those girls who have had little chance to play so now let's focus on the Italian Cup match against Napoli, an important match with an opponent who deserves the best respect ".

Saturday afternoon, in fact, at the Collepasso municipal, the Giallorossi will face the Neapolitan line-up in the first leg of the quarter-finals. Starting whistle set for 15 hours. The return match will be played in Naples on Wednesday 13 March.

Serie C - Fifteenth day

Chieti 1 - Salento Women Soccer 1

Marking: in the 5 pt you authorize Colecchi (S); in st 35 'Scioli (C).

Chieti: Falcocchia, Di Santo, Benedetti, Vukcevic, Colecchi, Gangemi, La Mattina, La Centra (38 'St Di Sebastiano), Scioli, De Vincentiis, Forcella. On the bench: Moscatelli, Gritti, Di Domizio. Lello di Camillo's trainer.

Salento Women Soccer: Mariano; April (16 'st Carrafa Alessandra), Felline, Ouacif, Costadura; Coluccia, Cucurachi, Durante, Cazzato; Bruno (25 'st Pinto), Sozzo (10' st Lzoi). On the bench: Errico, Vitti. Vera Indino trainer.
Referee: Gallo di Castellammare di Stabia.

Notes: about two hundred spectators. Ammonita De Vincentiis (C). Recovery: pt 2 ', st 4'.

Results (fifteenth day): Chieti-Salento Women Soccer 1-1; Griffin-Power 20-0; Ludos Palermo-Aprilia 5-1; Napoli Femminile-Vapa Napoli 5-1; New Team-Trani (suspended); Sant'Egidio-Pescara 3-2.

Ranking: Naples Female 42; Ludos Palermo, Grifone Gialloverde 37; Salento Women Soccer 34; Sant'Egidio 24; Pescara 21; Vapa Napoli 14; Aprilia, Chieti 13; Apulia Trani 11; San Marco 4; 0 power.

Next round (3 March - 16th day): Pescara-Grifone; Salento Women Soccer-Ludos Palermo; Chieti-Naples; Aprilia-Apulia Trani; Potenza-New Team San Marco; Vapa-Sant'Egidio.

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